a Go language utility library for the ASSIMP library



This is a Go library that wraps the use of the Open Asset Import Library known as assimp.


This does require cgo which means that gcc should be in your path when trying to build using this library.

Software requirements:

  • Assimp version 3.1 - tested with this version
  • Mathgl - for 3d math
  • Gombz - used as a file format and data structure for the information pulled from assimp.


The module can be used to load files supported by Assimp and converts them into the Gombz meshes. Once imported, you can load an file (e.g. .OBJ or .FBX file) by using the following call:

srcMeshes, err := assimp.ParseFile(srcFilepath)


Assimp-go is released under the BSD license. See the LICENSE file for more details.