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Kamikaze Capitalists

CMS.611/6.073, Fall 2012 MIT Game Lab


Kamikaze Capitalists is a competitive real-time city building game where two players fight on a single board to take out their enemy’s capital. This should be a 5-10 minute game, and very strategic, rather than random.


This project is just for 6.073/CMS.611 and will be built for a pc, rather than tablet or smartphone. Time/Responsibility Breakdown:

We need: Programmers Producer Visual Art Director Music Director

People and Commitments: Daniel: Producer. 6 hours a week Todd: Programming. 6 hours a week Wei Wei: Music/Visual Art/Programming. 6 hours a week Turner: Visual Art/Programming. 6 hours a week, busy the second week Jeremy: Programming. 6 hours a week

One Minute of Gameplay:

The player moves their cursor around, building and destroying building as restricted by a move timer. On regular intervals, as their older building degrade, the player has to shift focus from offense to maintenance. Play is fast paced, so that the player cannot devote too much time to thinking.

Major Gameplay Concepts:

Like in an RTS game, expanding a physical base and expanding toward the enemy in preparation for an attack must be balanced.

The only way to attack is by sacrificing your own buildings, which makes attack costly.


The biggest risk here is that real-time doesn’t work with this game and we have to return to a turn based game.

Another big potential issue is rendering the game board in such a way that both players can see all the buildings on the board simultaneously, or, alternatively, allowing the players to manipulate the board collaboratively.


A game for MIT class 6.073






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