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TBone Framework

TBone is a framework for building full-duplex, RESTful APIs on top of a Python asynchronous web-server using asyncio.

TBone is web-server agnostic, provided that the web-server is built on asyncio. It works out-of-the-box with Sanic or Aiohttp and can be extended for other asyncio-based web-servers as well. TBone was designed to be nonblocking and every component is implemented such that it works with the asyncio event loop


TBone is comprised of 4 major modules:

  1. Data Structure - an ODM modeling mechanism for schema definition, data validation and serialization.
  2. Data Persistency - Persistency mixin classes for document stores with a full implementation for MongoDB.
  3. Resources - Mechanism for creating full-duplex RESTful APIs.
  4. Dispatch - Classes for managing internal and external events.

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