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# TeXmacs interface for SymPy
# This plugin supports LaTeX printing of SymPy expressions
# using sympy.printing.latex function. It handles pretty
# printing of containers. If you wish to display raw
# Python code, then use 'print' before an expression.
# TeXmacs encodes new-lines as spaces so we must use
# heuristics to know where a multi-line expression is
# broken. As a result you can't use more than one space
# in a sequence. However you can and must indent your
# expression using standard Pyhon rules.
# You can retrive the last output using '_' built-in
# symbol. If the previous command did not generate
# any ouput, it will be assigned with None.
# For a complete Python interface visit:
import os
import re
import traceback
from sympy import __version__
from sympy.printing import latex
BEGIN, END = chr(2), chr(5)
DATA_COMMAND = chr(16)
DATA_ESCAPE = chr(27)
def send(kind, output=None):
if output is None:
output = ""
elif kind == "latex":
output = latex(output)
message = "%s:%s" % (kind, output)
send("verbatim", "Welcome to SymPy " + __version__)
_globals = {}
_init = \
from sympy import *
_ = None
x, y, z, t = symbols('x,y,z,t')
k, i, m, n = symbols('k,i,m,n', integer=True)
f = Function('f')
Gamma, Zeta = gamma, zeta
_greek = 'alpha beta gamma delta epsilon zeta eta ' \
'theta iota kappa mu nu xi omicron pi rho ' \
'sigma tau upsilon phi chi psi omega'
for _symbol in _greek.split(' '):
exec "%s = Symbol('%s')" % (_symbol, _symbol)
del _symbol
eval(compile(_init, 'tm_sympy', 'exec'), _globals)
while True:
line = os.sys.stdin.readline().strip()
if not line:
elif line[0] != DATA_COMMAND:
line = re.sub(r' {2}(\s*)', r'\n \1', line)
output = eval(line, _globals)
except SyntaxError:
output = eval(compile(line, 'tm_sympy', 'exec'), _globals)
except (SyntaxError, TypeError) :
send("verbatim", traceback.format_exc(limit = 0))
_globals['_'] = output
send("latex", output)
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