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ReST based network device broker
Python Dockerfile
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Why NetPalm? Netpalm is a ReST API into your dusty old network devices, NetPalm makes it easy to push and pull network state from your web apps. NetPalm leverages popular napalm, netmiko and ncclient library's for network device communication, these powerful libs supprt a vast number of vendors and OS

Netpalm Features

  • Talks a Rest API to your app and CLI/NETCONF to your network devices
  • Per device task queuing (Ensure you dont overload your VTY's)
  • Large amount of supported multivendor devices ( cheers to the netmiko & napalm & ncclient lads )
  • Supports TextFSM for parsing/structuring device data (includes ntc-templates)
  • Supports Jinja2 for model driven deployments of config onto devices accross napalm, netmiko and ncclient
  • Can be used to execute any python script via the ReST API and includes passing in of parameters
  • Includes large postman collection of examples
  • Supports automated download and installation of TextFSM templates from online TextFSM development tool
  • Automatically generates a JSON schema for any Jinja2 Template
  • Can render NETCONF XML responses into JSON on the fly
  • Can render Jinja2 templates only if required via the API
  • Normalised ReST interface
  • Asynchronous parallel processing
  • Task oriented


Netpalm acts as a ReST broker for NAPALM, Netmiko, NCCLIENT or a Python Script. It uses TextFSM or Jinja2 to model and transform both ingress and egress data if required. You make an API call to netpalm and it will establish a queue to your device and start sending configuration

netpalm concept

Using Netpalm

API catalog

Please view the API docs here

Postman example - getconfig method

netpalm eg1

check response

netpalm eg2

Postman example - getconfig method with textfsm arg

netpalm also supports all arguments for the transport libs, simply pass them in as below

netpalm eg3

check response

netpalm eg4

Rapid template development and deployment

netpalm is integrated into so you can ingest your templates with ease

netpalm auto ingest

Included Postman Collection

netpalm comes bundled with a postman collection to make it easy to get going

netpalm postman

Container Installation

ensure you first have docker installed

sudo apt-get install
sudo apt-get install docker-compose

clone in netpalm

git clone
cd netpalm

build container

sudo docker build -t netpalm .
sudo docker-compose up -d

import the postman collection, set the ip addresses to that of your docker host and off you go (default netpalm port is 9000)


Configuring Netpalm

edit the config.json file too set params as required

    "apikey": "2a84465a-cf38-46b2-9d86-b84Q7d57f288",
    "listen_port": 9000,

Netpalm slack channel

#netpalm on


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