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Liberation RX (en)

ARMA-3 Liberation RX - Extended Version

alt text


  • Personal Progression

  • Personal Economy

  • Personal Vehicles (can be abandoned)

  • R3F Logistic (can tow vehicles and load item)

  • LARs (Larrow) Arsenal (Customisable Arsenal)

  • pSiKO AI Revive Addon (AI revive SP/MP)

  • TK Protect + AutoBAN

  • Magazine Repack

  • Robust Unstuck AI/Player

  • Robust Air Taxi Service

  • AI follow you when Redeploy/HALO jump

  • Extended Air Support (Taxi, Air drop, etc...)

  • A Virtual Garage + Repaint Menu

  • Vehicles Cargo & Inventory saved on server

  • Keep/recover your AI in game, even if your client restart (crash/ reboot) in MP

  • Wildlife Manager

  • A dog to help you 😉

  • Support Squad

  • And much, much more !!

  • RP oriented with ranking system based on player action automatic permission granting (build/tank/air) unlocking arsenal/units according to rank send or receive Ammo from players

  • Dynamic Sides Missions

  • Special Missions

  • lots of performance fix / update

  • Admin Menu (unban/ammo/score/teleport/skiptime/God/spawn obj)

  • User Actions Keys:

  • (UserAction n°10) Weapon to back
  • (UserAction n°11) Always run
  • (UserAction n°12) Toggle earplugs
  • (UserAction n°13) Toggle HUD
  • (UserAction n°14) Take Screenshot (game engine)
  • MULTI 6 - English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Chinesesimp

This mission is designed to avoid the need for a commander, even at first boot, proper rights management, and player permissions are automatically granted.

Most of the important options can be configured via the "Settings" menu (in lobby) They can change the mission experioence radically.

Zeus mode can be used when your are both admin of the server and logged as Commander.

Have Fun !

Mission available for

  • Altis
  • Malden
  • Stratis (Air Carrier)
  • Tanoa
  • Enoch

with CUP Terrain:

  • Chernarus (+ Winter)

  • Takistan

  • Sarahni

  • Sarahni South

  • Utes

  • Virolahti 7 (vt7)

  • Isla Duala

with GlobalMobilization

  • Wefer Lingen

with Operation Trebuchet

  • Iberius


  • Direct Play: Copy the pbo file to your "Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma3\MPMissions" directory Launch Arma 3, Host MP Game, Select Island and Liberation RX mission, Start

  • Build from Source: Launch "build.bat" in the build directory to build PBOs Or merge the core.liberation folder with the island mission folder and build the pbo by yourself.

  • Dedicated Server Copy the pbo file to your "Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma3 Server\MPMissions" directory Edit / Create the server configuration file (look at: and add this:

          // MISSIONS CYCLE
          class Missions
                class Mission1
                      class Params
                            Difficulty = 1.25;
                            Aggressivity = 2;
                            MaximumFobs = 5;
                            Whitelist = 1;
    + All mission's parameters can be found in the file "mission_param.cfg"
    Start the server
          arma3server_x64.exe -high -name=server -nosound -port=2302 -config=server.cfg
          arma3server -high -name=server -nosound -port=2302 -config=server.cfg


I want to thank : Zbug, who did a very good job, AgentRev and Larrow and all contributors of Bohemia Interactive Forums. for the countless messages I read from them and gave me a real code lesson!