Telephone line monitoring tool supporting the protocols CAPI, TAPI, NCID and TR-064 for AVM FRITZ!Box devices and compatible hardware.
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jAnrufmonitor 5.0

Author: Thilo Brandt (

This GitHub repository contains the source files and build infrastructure of jAnrufmonitor 5.0 (Patch 30+). This software was originally developed as freeware and is now under social coding.

For any commercial usage of this source, the author must be notified and referenced by the commercial product or company.

Please refer also to the software license agreement located in the GitHub repository under ./kernel/core/deployment/all/license.txt.

Required Software for building/compiling jAnrufmonitor 5.0:

Java JDK 1.8+ (

Apache Ant 1.9+ ( 

Build process:

There is a default target "publish" defined in the central build.xml file, which publishes all jAnrufmonitor variants (CAPI, TAPI, AVM FRITZ!Box Fon, NCID) on all applicable OS platforms to the published/_current/ folder. Always the latest Version gets builds.

Recommended target commands:

bash> ant


bash> ant publish

For dedicated OS depended builds call

bash> ant publish_<os><arch>

bash> ant publish_win32
bash> ant publish_linux64