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run a single jasmine test is broken, can only run all tests at once #101

timkuijsten opened this Issue · 6 comments

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It's currently impossible to run a single test without running all the other tests. This is a feature that comes with jasmine. You normally can easily click on a specific test and then only that test is run. Works great for debugging.

Somehow the way Jasmine is included in the boilerplate breaks this. At first it looks like only 1 test is run after clicking on a specific spec. But in reality all specs are run.

Tested with 4cd15a2


Noticed that as well. Looks like jasmine uses relative URLs when running individual tests and the following code in main.js is hijacking them.

$(document).on("click", "a:not([data-bypass])", function(evt) {

As a quick workaround I added

if (typeof window.jasmine === 'object'){
$(document).off("click", "a:not([data-bypass])");

to main.js, which let me run individual tests successfully.


I stand corrected. All run :(.


Can this be closed?


This has been fixed in the latest codebase.

@tbranyen tbranyen closed this
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