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codymorrison commented Mar 23, 2013

The built file size would increase slightly by ~4kb with this addition, but would greatly enhance the compatibility. @jrburke do you have any thoughts on this.

I believe the benefits would outweigh the file size adjustment, this would allow for built modules, remote loading, etc.

jrburke commented Feb 3, 2013

I do want almond to work well, and not have any surprises beyond the limitations almond was built around. So I continue to plan on supporting almond. If you find users of the boilerplate tripping over those restrictions though, it may make sense to just ship with requirejs.

Maybe an option to specify which one to use? I could imagine some mvc apps benefiting from dynamic loading, but since I have been mostly doing "infrastructure" tools for a bit, I am a bit out of practice.


SBoudrias commented Feb 3, 2013

For myself, I can say I'm behind this. I personally rarely had an app which didn't need to load additionnal external resources (i18n, third party SDKs, etc); and for ~4kb, it never felt like something necessary to skim this down considering the restriction.

Although I can see the point for specific high traffic/high performance website, I think in most case require.js is all fine.


tbranyen commented Feb 4, 2013

@jrburke i'm thinking I could still bundle almond for those who need it, but default to requirejs for new installs.


tbranyen commented Apr 7, 2013

This should be left to the developer to decide. Going to keep almond for now, if you need remote loading we'll document changing it.


codymorrison commented Apr 8, 2013

Fair enough. Closing.

codymorrison deleted the unknown repository branch Apr 8, 2013


tbranyen commented Apr 8, 2013

Yea, I figure this could even just be a scaffolding step.

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