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added some commits Feb 7, 2013
@tbranyen added instructions for grunt-bbb 8ca4366
@tbranyen more work on 0.4 compatibility 4b6fe5e
@tbranyen updated to latest practices and added in source map support 4eeb1de
@tbranyen updated readme 62b5052
@tbranyen fixed license 7e92785
@tbranyen lowercased license and updated 25c4965
@tbranyen issues with config loading 8d3bf27
@tbranyen bunch of great updates! 2472810
@tbranyen various updates d68f9d6
@tbranyen reworked with some suggestions from @wookiehangover eb4eb09
@tbranyen updated the package.json deps 1c3c240
@tbranyen updated almond and require 8462535
@tbranyen fix typo per @slattery Closes #205 f7b1206
@tbranyen testing c7ca57a
@tbranyen updated deps f7806de
@tbranyen added bower support ad83c08
@tbranyen fixed styles bug 849cc5b
@tbranyen readme updates 67180b7
@tbranyen cleaned up app object a little 51438c5
@tbranyen removed test stylesheet be39995
@tbranyen fixed jam readme instruction 2cd2cad
@tbranyen updated qunit tests into the backbone app and using commonjs syntax 56c78d8
@tbranyen upgraded qunit and jasmine tests cee47a9
@tbranyen more cleanup to make adding tests easier a1f3d1f
@tbranyen keeping app name agnostic and added in paths 74b5410
@tbranyen added basic welcome message and updated config with a non-perfect sol…
…ution atm
@tbranyen updated readme to give instructions to install node.js 723ba5b
@tbranyen changed function of main cee78d9
@tbranyen updated index to use main 093de14
@tbranyen rephrased readme 547cb9a
@tbranyen made the dist ignore absolute instead of wildcard 219d426
@tbranyen made node_modules absolute too 4f75a83
@tbranyen made dependencies fuzzy b330505
@tbranyen updated deps cd918d2
@tbranyen work on getting karma functional 96a2490
@tbranyen karma testing working with qunit and jasmine 8c87ace
@tbranyen removed some whitespace 78aa7a5
@tbranyen changed modules to use new commonjs define syntax by default 90b75ec

I really like the way the boilerplate is heading, particularly with the build tools moving to a more vanilla grunt.js configuration rather than a separate bbb npm module.

Do you have any targets on when you might be merging this stuff into master?


An observation on the new structure. Since the Readme advises to install bower and jamjs, do the third party libs need to be version controlled?

Perhaps instead, as the first step to installing the boilerplate, the developer should install bower & jamjs then call bower install and jam install. This would go some way to preventing some of the recent reported issues relating to out of date third party version controlled libs.


@fiznool I think this make sence (even more with Bower as it copy full repo).

This could be automated into an npm script or a grunt task.


Having said that, from the Bower homepage:

N.B. If you aren't authoring a package that is intended to be consumed by others (e.g., you're building a web app), you should always check installed packages into source control.

Not really sure what their rationale for this is?

and others added some commits Apr 20, 2013
@tbranyen upgraded dependencies 8eb8448
@SBoudrias SBoudrias Merge pull request #210 from fiznool/upstream-wip
Fixed jamjs typo in readme
@fiznool fiznool Fixed jamjs typo in readme e923fcd
@fiznool fiznool Small typo fix cc353f6
@tbranyen restructured the main to load the router again, and removed router fr…
…om the app object.
@SBoudrias SBoudrias Integrate Mocha test + fix minor bug with test dependencies 464a0ee
@tbranyen formatting differenes 7852ffa
@tbranyen updated package.json, fixed all setups to not rely on karmas requirej…
…s plugin, jasmine and qunit work fine, mocha has one test failing
@tbranyen Merge pull request #214 from tbranyen/wip-mocha
Wip mocha
@tbranyen upgraded to jquery 2.0 56f1811
@tbranyen fix for loading styles correctly 1110113
@tbranyen updated underscore, renamed component to bower, and added the layoutm…
@tbranyen added bbb-layoutmanager to jam deps 3442321
@tbranyen adding back in lodash 13df64a
@tbranyen apparantly bower.json isn't working yet... back to component, removed…
… requirejs bower package
@tbranyen fixed mocha to work in browser and karma 0a83536
@SBoudrias SBoudrias Add dependencies to run Karma, and remove karma-requirejs b04ff07
@tbranyen Merge pull request #216 from SBoudrias/wip
Add dependencies to run Karma, and remove karma-requirejs
@tbranyen made changing debug and release folders easier, and updated to use cs…
@SBoudrias SBoudrias Revert bbb-layoutmanager adapter, and switch from HTML main element t…
…o body as layout root.
@SBoudrias SBoudrias Revert using body so the root have a clean state 4cd4dc4
@SBoudrias SBoudrias Integrate fix proposed by @adamdicarlo on the LM adapter b1a51da
@tbranyen Merge pull request #218 from SBoudrias/root-body
Switch from HTML main element to body
@SBoudrias SBoudrias Make sure window.JST is declared before use 20b8b4e

Can you do window.JST && window.JST lower down where the test occurs? We don't necessary want to create it if it doesn't exist.

Right, I see your point. Although, shouldn't we cache the processed template like before?

SBoudrias and others added some commits May 9, 2013
@SBoudrias SBoudrias Don't create JST as LayoutManager cache processed templates internally 8ecf86c
@tbranyen Serious updates. f59fe9d
@tbranyen Upgraded testing. 8572383
@tbranyen Removed JamJS (no longer maintained for the most part), removed all v…
…endor dependencies (added a postinstall hook in NPM), added peerDependencies, removed LayoutManager, renamed main => bootstrap, started refactoring out redundant grunt tasks.
@tbranyen More file renames to be more obvious. Updated Grunt RequireJS configu…
…ration to try and be more simple.
@tbranyen Fixed requirejs task build. a3a7a8b
@tbranyen Fixed source maps. 69b330f
@tbranyen Move dependencies to devDependencies. f4d7691
@tbranyen Migrated testing libraries. Started updating tests to work with lates…
…t grunt-karma. Removed grunt-compress. Added grunt-processhtml. Updated server configuration to use the new prefix setting instead.
@tbranyen Bumped bbb-server dependency to latest version. 531f513
@tbranyen Renamed output to source.min.js and fixed a comment. 0da5f27
@tbranyen More work on karma tests. bd06b67
@tbranyen Restored config file option and added a comment into Router. 6cdde81
@iros iros added vendor folder c305c04
Trevor Cook Add karma.conf.js files for mocha and qunit fc4acc2
Trevor Cook Update mocha and qunit tests 6f9e61c
Trevor Cook Fix path to chai in mocha karma.conf.js 83070c1
Trevor Cook Remove unneeded library path ffdab69
@tbranyen Renamed bootstrap to main and made the bower output silent. db46e84
@tbranyen Life is good, all test harnesses using the latest official grunt-karm…
…a and all latest testing libraries.
@tbranyen Bumped bbb-server version. da63f64
@tbranyen Lots of README changes. 27c0b07
@tbranyen Didn't like how it looked. 70db2b7
@tbranyen More readme changes. 4ff7a8c
@tbranyen Switched over to the grunt collection. 538c570
Trevor Cook Fix reference to bootstrap in Gruntfile d54bbfa
Trevor Cook Merge pull request #230 from tdcook/wip
Fix reference to bootstrap in Gruntfile
Trevor Cook Don't set the interface in Mocha test harness
For some reason this was causing the tests to not run. Either way, BDD
is the default in the current version of Mocha, so it wasn't needed.
Trevor Cook Disable QUnit autostart 3b4355c

This breaks QUnit from working in the browser:

grunt server

Then navigate to: http://localhost:8000/test/qunit/index.html

It's blank for me after this commit.


Is it okay for me to rebase it out?

Whoops, go ahead. This was meant to fix the command-line test runner but it's no good if it breaks the in-browser runner.


Looks like this also breaks the in-browser test, but leaving it in breaks the command line.


I think I got it in 101ae48


looks good


We're merging and will deal with the fallout later.

@tbranyen tbranyen merged commit 57cbf8c into master Sep 4, 2013
@tbranyen tbranyen deleted the wip branch Sep 4, 2013
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