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backbone.layoutmanager v0.7.0

Created by Tim Branyen @tbranyen, with help from awesome contributors

Provides a logical structure for assembling layouts with Backbone Views. Designed to be adaptive and configurable for painless integration. Well tested, with over 120 assertions and 100% code coverage!

Tested with Underscore, Backbone and jQuery. You can swap out jQuery with a custom configuration or substitute Underscore with Lo-Dash.


Refer to:

Migration guide:

Release notes


  • Refactored source to be less cryptic.
  • 100% test code coverage.
  • Re-wrote much of the internals.
  • Performance greatly improved, especially with large lists.
  • Removed swapLayout.
  • serialize is deprecated and replaced by data.
  • render(callback) is deprecated to render().done() deferreds only.
  • Automatically unbind model and collection events inside cleanup.
  • Backbone.LayoutView,Backbone.Layout, andBackbone.View(withmanageset totrue`) are now all identical.
  • paths is now a String prefix, set this to the folder where your templates live.
  • myView.render().view now allows you to attach view.el after a render for some nice one-liners. new Backbone.LayoutView({ template: "#t" }).render().view.$el.appendTo("body");

Full Release Log