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  • Tons of new unit tests
  • More API normalization
  • Collection rendering bug fixes
  • New View methods
    • insertView & insertViews
    • getView and getViews


  • Fixed major regression regarding list duplication


  • Detach no longer internally happens on the root Layout
  • manage function inside a custom render has a new property raw for getting at the actual View instance
  • Collection lists bugs solved
  • Made makeAsync a private class method
  • Cleanup method is now called whenever remove is called
  • Major fixes allowing for single View append
  • View function no longer requires "" for inserting into parent View
  • SubView render functions only resolve after the element has been attached to its parent View.


  • Context is now consistent in either callbacks or deferreds
  • setViews is now chainable
  • view and setViews are now available at all times on Backbone.View's
  • Bug fixes regarding list duplication


  • Made template optional inside of Backbone.View
  • Added custom cleanup function to handle the removal of any custom events
  • insert no longer requires a selector
  • Several performance improvements along with general stability changes


  • Major re-write to codebase that eliminated a lot of repetitive and cludgy code
  • Deprecated the need to extend Backbone.LayoutManager.View
  • All View render methods return promises and can accept a callback
  • Views now render themselves first and then resolve/trigger the callback once all the children are rendered. This helps with jQuery plugins.


  • Major patch for re-rendering layouts that would lose events
  • Added new API method detach


  • Minor patch release (that removes an undocumented feature)
  • Fixed issue with events not being registered correctly within lists


  • Lots of bug fixes!
  • Ability to insert views dynamically using the new view.insert method. Useful for collections.
  • Setting/resetting sub views possible with new view.setViews method.
  • All views now have the view/setViews methods.
  • Updates to allow LayoutManager to be extended easier, along with events being bound automatically during initialization.


  • Adding views turned into a reusable function called view.
  • Templates no longer are required to be a string, this allows passing of compiled template functions.


  • View renders are internally wrapped to expose a new render() method that when called, re-renders.
  • Nested views are possible by adding a views sub property which is an object that contains nested views.


  • Changed layout name property to template for consistency.
  • Internal second deferred replaces the viewDeferred to determine when an element enters the DOM.


  • Open sourced on GitHub.
  • Initial unit tests.
  • Released introduction screencast.
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