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5ae3117 Mar 1, 2016
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  • Updated dependencies and locked Backbone to 1.1.2
  • Removed then method, if you want to use promises, call .promise().then


  • Adds in a cleanup event whenever a view has been removed
  • Fully support & test against LoDash 3.0 and Underscore


  • Full Browserify support.
  • The options object is now cloned when passed into a Layout.
  • Fixes a bug with setView removing deeply nested views.
  • Fixes compatibility with Backbone Epoxy.
  • Fixes a bug where a removed view could still be rendered asynchronously.
  • renderViews now accepts an array of Views to render batched.
  • Added an empty event that triggers when all Views are removed from a parent.


  • Removed partial shim from Node compatibility layer. No longer necessary.
  • Removed getAllOptions, no longer necessary with 1.1.0.
  • Now run our tests against the latest stable and unstable Node.js.
  • setView will never render a View now.
  • Broke out Grunt tasks into separate files.
  • Enforcing code style with JSCS.


  • Fixed trimming for incoming templates so that multiple top level elements warning isn't triggered annoyingly.
  • Upgraded to work with Backbone 1.1.0.
  • Minor housekeeping commits.


  • Style/spelling updates to markdown files.
  • Broke out _viewRender and _applyTemplate from their closures and exposed them on the LM object.
  • Parsing with $.parseHTML to allow leading whitespace and retain whitespace in templates.
  • Using Bower to manage testing depenencies.
  • Fixes for Underscore 1.5.


  • Updated AMD define shim to use UMD which fixes issues in some R.js builds.
  • Updated views property to accept functions that return values, see #367.
  • Fixed Node.js file lookup that was scoping to __dirname.
  • Ensured all examples work.
  • Hooked up Coveralls for monitoring and displaying code coverage during builds.


  • Fixed regression from 0.8->0.9 where the new AMD wrapper would fail to work correctly in an r.js build.
  • Fixed regression from 0.8->0.9 where the Node.js branch code was not updated correctly and lack of default fetchTemplate tests didn't report the failure.


  • Upgraded all internal dependencies.
  • Batch rendering via jQuery collections has been added. Check out the htmlBatch method.
  • Full on AMD support. No more shimming necessary!
  • render now returns the View instance to maintain parity with other Backbone.View tutorials and plugins.
  • fetch and render overrides have been renamed to fetchTemplate and renderTemplate respectively.
  • New method renderViews which will only render nested Views and not the parent view, useful for top level layouts.
  • Event bubbling has been removed.
  • Named regions for selectors using the section object.
  • Greatly refactored how the async() methods work. This allows every method of the render lifecycle to be asynchronous and maintain the context of the View.


  • Upgraded Cheerio dependency to v0.11.0.
  • Many optimizations and fixes to getViews by @jugglinmike. This includes fixes for issues like removeView on an invalid selector.
  • cleanup is now called with the proper context.
  • @SBoudrias added .gitattributes and .editconfig to ease development stress for our contributors.
  • Fix provided by @adamdicarlo to fix a bug where re-rendering with empty rendered contents would not replace the existing content.


  • Upgraded Cheerio dependency.
  • Trim templates in el: false Views to fix an issue with passing contents into $().


  • We now log a warning if you use mutliple top level elements inside a View's template with el: false. This will not affect most developers. If you wish to suppress the warnings you can run Backbone.Layout.configure({ suppressWarnings: true });. This is documented in the Wiki:
  • Fixed minor bug with cleanup being defined on options instead of the instance.
  • Changed behavior so that all views are removed when you call remove.
  • Upgraded to Backbone 1.0.
  • Upgraded to Node 0.10.


  • Fixed View duplication bug with multiple top level elements (el: false).
  • Fixed the deletion of the template property in initialize that would cause bugs with View inheritance.
  • Fixed issue with getView and _.where object.


  • Fixed package dependency issues with jQuery.
  • Updated Cheerio version, which includes fixes to filter.
  • Several fixes to the el: false implementation.
  • Removed custom $.contains Node.js implementation.


  • Fix for deep nested el: false elements.


  • Fixed parts of the Node build.
  • Changed from parallel rendering to serial loading which will make the render process significantly more stable.
  • Changed signature to options.partial and greatly fixed the way noel is handled.


  • Updated JamJS configuration settings.
  • Fixed event delegation when self managing the View element.
  • Fixed edge case with afterRender causes the element to not be in the parent container.
  • Fixed re-rendering when self managing the View element.


  • Massive Node.js refactor, including: unit testing, significantly better browser parity, and allowing more seamless browser/server View sharing.
  • Ability to disable Backbone.View#el wrapper element using el: false and opt for the first child inside the template instead. Very experimental!
  • Added Backbone event bubbling from nested Views to parent.
  • The getView function can receive a _.where object now, to easily filter through the Views.
  • Updated getView to have an undefined first argument to be passed allowing for an optional selector.
  • Changed Grunt configuration from JavaScript to CoffeeScript.
  • Added a removeView function to match setView, getView, etc.
  • Removed LayoutManager and LayoutView aliases.
  • Removed data alias in favor of serialize.
  • Removed append alias in favor of insert.
  • Renamed _options to getAllOptions making it an endorsed method to use.
  • Upgraded minimum support to Backbone 0.9.9, which will invoke stopListening automatically for you.
  • Internally using Backbone.Events#once to solve afterRender woes.
  • Class method cache now allows you to override contents.
  • Class method setupViews now allows you to manage many Views by passing an array of Views.
  • Can now directly set a template function to the template property and not have to override fetch with an _.identity function.
  • Miscellaneous code cleanup and minor bug/refactor fixes.


  • Updated lookup for serialize and data to also look on the instance so that configure doesn't always override.


  • Simplified insertion methods.
  • Fixed named function expression bug in IE.


  • Refactored _.extend to LayoutManager.augment to work with Lo-Dash and underscore.
  • Normalized rendering order, when the parent has already rendered.
  • Added better error handling for node.js build.
  • Updated error message for node.js build.
  • Added in Travis-CI and README updates.


  • Fixed cheerio rendering bug with the latest version.
  • Explicity depend and require underscore in NPM.
  • Repeated subViews are a thing of the past :D.
  • Fixed serialize/data priority.
  • Fixed lodash issues and added in separate lodash testing.


  • Views that have already been rendered can now be inserted into existing Views.
  • Fixed the logic that decides when to remove Views.
  • Fixed issue with cleanup not being on nested Views.
  • Miscellaneous fixes (inc. null checks, perf. updates, etc).
  • Removed minified build file from the repo.
  • insertViews can now accept an array of Views.
  • render can now be asynchronous to allow template engines like dust.js to work seamlessly, works identical to fetch.
  • Overriding the template option at initialization level wil now override the constructor option.


  • Refactored source to be less cryptic.
  • 100% test code coverage.
  • Re-wrote much of the internals.
  • Performance greatly improved, especially with large lists.
  • Removed swapLayout.
  • serialize is deprecated and replaced by data.
  • render(callback) is deprecated to render().done() deferreds only.
  • Automatically unbind model and collection events inside cleanup.
  • Backbone.LayoutView,Backbone.Layout, andBackbone.View(withmanage set totrue`) are now all identical.
  • paths is now a String prefix, set this to the folder where your templates live.
  • afterRender now occurs after the render() deferred.
  • myView.render().view now allows you to attach view.el after a render for some nice one-liners. new Backbone.LayoutView({ template: "#t" }).render().view.$el.appendTo("body");


  • Fixed asynchronous fetching bug that could in some circumstances duplicate list items
  • Calling remove on a View now completely removes it from LayoutManager
  • Fixed issues with afterRender
  • Better error handling for when manage: true is missing


  • Corrected event binding behaviors depending on the parent.


  • Fixed regression with afterRender


  • Fixed a memory leak that existed with appended Views
  • Updated all examples
  • Fixed regression with events being bound to Layouts
  • General performance tweaks
  • Updated cheerio dependency to 0.9.2 for the Node implementation


  • Updated to support jQuery 1.8
  • Fixed missing events when calling view.render
  • Fixed issues with afterRender not triggering
  • No longer copying options to the View instance


  • Patch release fixing issues and upgrading Node.js dependencies
  • Fixed error where inserted views rendered out of order #116, #117
  • Fixed issue where events were not being bound correctly #118


  • Overriding render is now deprecated. Refer to beforeRender and afterRender.
  • Added a swap method that can be used on a Layout which allows you to dynamically swap out the entire contents, but retain the rendered subViews.
  • Code cleanup, removing unused code paths, properties, features, etc.
  • Fixes to setView to not break when moving from an append mode to non-append mode.
  • Several bug fixes.
  • Added more unit tests.


  • More methods can be overwritten from initialization
  • Render can now be bound like this.collection.on("reset", this.render, this);
  • Fixes to keep: true and append example, only checking keep if View has already rendered


  • Patched massive memory leak and missing remove on setView
  • Fixed bug with Named Function Expression breaking IE compatibility when minified
  • Added keep: true to View's to stop them from being removed pre-render


  • Tons of new unit tests
  • More API normalization
  • Collection rendering bug fixes
  • New View methods
    • insertView & insertViews
    • getView and getViews


  • Fixed major regression regarding list duplication


  • Detach no longer internally happens on the root Layout
  • manage function inside a custom render has a new property raw for getting at the actual View instance
  • Collection lists bugs solved
  • Made makeAsync a private class method
  • Cleanup method is now called whenever remove is called
  • Major fixes allowing for single View append
  • View function no longer requires "" for inserting into parent View
  • SubView render functions only resolve after the element has been attached to its parent View.


  • Context is now consistent in either callbacks or deferreds
  • setViews is now chainable
  • view and setViews are now available at all times on Backbone.View's
  • Bug fixes regarding list duplication


  • Made template optional inside of Backbone.View
  • Added custom cleanup function to handle the removal of any custom events
  • insert no longer requires a selector
  • Several performance improvements along with general stability changes


  • Major re-write to codebase that eliminated a lot of repetitive and cludgy code
  • Deprecated the need to extend Backbone.LayoutManager.View
  • All View render methods return promises and can accept a callback
  • Views now render themselves first and then resolve/trigger the callback once all the children are rendered. This helps with jQuery plugins.


  • Major patch for re-rendering layouts that would lose events
  • Added new API method detach


  • Minor patch release (that removes an undocumented feature)
  • Fixed issue with events not being registered correctly within lists


  • Lots of bug fixes!
  • Ability to insert views dynamically using the new view.insert method. Useful for collections.
  • Setting/resetting sub views possible with new view.setViews method.
  • All views now have the view/setViews methods.
  • Updates to allow LayoutManager to be extended easier, along with events being bound automatically during initialization.


  • Adding views turned into a reusable function called view.
  • Templates no longer are required to be a string, this allows passing of compiled template functions.


  • View renders are internally wrapped to expose a new render() method that when called, re-renders.
  • Nested views are possible by adding a views sub property which is an object that contains nested views.


  • Changed layout name property to template for consistency.
  • Internal second deferred replaces the viewDeferred to determine when an element enters the DOM.


  • Open sourced on GitHub.
  • Initial unit tests.
  • Released introduction screencast.
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