From 0.8 to 0.9

Tim Branyen edited this page Mar 30, 2015 · 11 revisions

This is a significant update compared to 0.8. Lots of changes have been made to ensure a stable and consistent API. High level changes are AMD support, batch rendering, and API reshaping.

  • All properties passed to the View constructor are now copied to the View, this may be harmful if you were directly passing a model: new View(myModel) instead of: new View({ model: myModel })
  • view.render() now returns the View, change to render().promise() to get a promise.
  • Rename fetch and render overrides to fetchTemplate and renderTemplate respectively.
  • Remove RequireJS shim.
  • Event bubbling has been removed. Pass the parent into the child.
  • Overriding insert or html on a parent view now affects how it inserts or sets child views. In 0.8, this override would be defined on the child itself. If you are overriding insert or html on a child view, move it to the parent view. For clarity:
  • If insert is overridden, it will be called when subViews are inserted within that View (via insertView)
  • If html is overridden, it will be called:
    • When applying a template.
    • When setting subViews (via setView)

We will continue to upgrade and make changes along side the edge version of Backbone. There is a very large structural change that is coming soon (removal of View#options). We are working on refactoring LayoutManager to work with this change.

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