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This is shared with contributing.md please follow these guidelines if you wish to help out with the project!

Filing an issue

You're using LayoutManager and something doesn't appear to function the way it's described or you're thinking something could be done better. Please let us know. Issues are how the project moves forward; by letting us know what's bothering you.

  • Search the issues list for existing similar issues. Consider adding to an existing issue if you find one.
  • Choose an applicable title. This will be used for a corresponding unit test.
  • Provide a unit test or snippet that illustrates the problem. This small gesture goes a long way in a speedy patch.

Sending a pull request

If you feel confident that you can correct a bug or add a new feature, feel free to submit a pull request with your changes. Everyone helping makes the project community instead of a sole proprietorship.

  • Link to an existing issue if applicable, create one to start discussion to ensure everyone is on board with the change and so you don't spend time writing a fantastic patch we cannot accept.
  • Provide a description of what the patch is/does.
  • Provide unit tests in the correct file:
    • test/configure.js for configuration changes.
    • test/dom.js for DOM specific changes.
    • test/expose.js for code exposure in various environments.
    • test/setup.js for changes that impact Backbone.View and Backbone.Layout mirroring eachother.
    • test/view.js for all changes that impact the API of LayoutManager Views.
  • Make sure you open the pull request onto the wip branch and not master for requests that break the API or add significant functionality changes.
  • Open pull requests on master only with bug fixes and patch related updates.

Code style

I am very sensitive to maintaining a holistic codebase and that includes a single code style. Pull requests may be rejected or modified to ensure this code style is maintained.

  • Follow close to BSD KNF style.
  • Use two space, expanded/soft tabs. Use \t if you need a tab character in a string.
  • No trailing whitespace, except in markdown files where a linebreak must be forced.
  • Don't go overboard with the whitespace.
  • No more than one assignment per var statement.
  • Delimit strings with double-quotes ", not single-quotes '.
  • Comments must always contain proper punctuation and end with a correct sentence terminator. Put before the line of code, not at the end of the line.
  • Prefer if and else to "clever" uses of ? : conditional or ||, && logical operators.
  • When in doubt, follow the conventions you see used in the source already.


We strive to make the project as easy to consume and use as possible which means having consistent and up-to-date documentation. If you notice something is outdated or incorrect, please file an issue, pull request, or make the change yourself in the Wiki.

  • Add documentation to the Wiki if applicable.
  • Release notes are added to the readme.md if applicable.
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