diffHTML is a library that acts like a framework, helping you create web applications
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A suite of JavaScript user interface tools built for the web.

Stable version: 1.0.0-beta.9

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diffHTML is a library that assists with creating user interfaces using JavaScript. These interfaces can be: applications, games, data visualizations, or anything else that you may want to render in a web browser.

This repository is a mono-repo structured with the Lerna CLI tool. This makes it easier to support continuous integration, consistent versioning, and working on the various diffHTML tools.

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  • Parses real HTML and supports JSX & Tagged Templates.
  • Efficient minimal rendering that utilizes object pooling.
  • Web and React-compatible stateful components.
  • View and debug your code using the Chrome DevTools extension.
  • Transition hooks monitor DOM changes an are similar to mutation events.
  • Powerful middleware extends diffHTML with additional features.


The following list of packages are nested in the /packages folder. They can be tested globally or independently by using npm test at the root directory level or any specific nested package level.

  • diffhtml

    npm install diffhtml

    The core library for creating user interfaces. Contains a full build and smaller runtime build (which excludes HTML parser, tagged templates, and performance metrics).

  • diffhtml-components

    npm install diffhtml-components

    Provides stateful React-like and v1 Web Component classes with a consistent API. If you're looking for drop-in React parity, refer to the diffhtml-react-compat package.

  • diffhtml-render-to-string

    npm install diffhtml-render-to-string

    Use with diffHTML to render your Virtual Trees to strings. This is useful for server-side rendering and testing.

  • babel-plugin-transform-diffhtml

    npm install babel-plugin-transform-diffhtml

    Converts HTML found in tagged template strings to createTree calls and allows you to shave bytes off your bundles by switching to the diffHTML runtime build.

  • diffhtml-middleware-logger

    npm install diffhtml-middleware-logger

    Logs out diffHTML state from the start and end of every render transaction.

  • diffhtml-middleware-synthetic-events

    npm install diffhtml-middleware-synthetic-events

    Changes the event binding from inline event handlers like onclick = fn to use addEventListener. Events are attached to the body element and coordinated to children through delegation.

  • diffhtml-middleware-inline-transitions

    npm install diffhtml-middleware-inline-transitions

    By default diffHTML provides transition hooks at a global level. This middleware turns them into scoped, performant, event hooks.

  • diffhtml-middleware-verify-state

    npm install diffhtml-middleware-verify-state

    Asserts that a render properly updated the old Virtual Tree and the DOM. Will recursively search for inconsistencies, displays warnings unless debugging is enabled, then it throws errors instead.

  • diffhtml-middleware-service-worker

    npm install diffhtml-middleware-service-worker

    Helps with the creation of a service worker for PWAs, available as a convenience to make development more friendlier.

  • diffhtml-react-compat

    npm install diffhtml-react-compat

    This is a compatibility package meant to be a drop-in replacement for the modules: react and react-dom. It wraps the diffHTML Components package as the base for the component constructors. It then layers additional React-specific APIs.

  • diffhtml-static-sync

    npm install diffhtml-static-sync

    A work-in-progress static HTML server that automatically reloads your markup as you save using Web Sockets.

  • diffhtml-devtools

    A work-in-progress set of developer tools that logs out transactions. Eventually will allow for subscription/unsubscription of middleware, charting for the overall application health, and more.

  • diffhtml-website

    The source for the www.diffhtml.org website, powered by: Node and NodeGit.


Tim Branyen


James DiGioia