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This is an experimental project to make a TodoMVC with Custom Elements and diffHTML to handle Virtual DOM operations.

diffHTML TodoMVC Example

diffHTML is an experimental library for building components and structuring applications with a virtual DOM and declarative HTML interface.

diffHTML -

Learning diffHTML

The diffHTML website is a great resource for getting started.

Get help from diffHTML devs and users:


The diffHTML implementation of TodoMVC has a few key differences from other implementations:

  • Transitions are included as they are a base feature with diffHTML. They make the app look a bit nicer.


This example should run in all major browsers, although the Web Animations specification will only work in browsers that support it.

Running this sample

  1. Start an HTTP server in the root directory of todomvc/ and navigate to /diffhtml to run this sample.

    Hint: if you have python installed, you can just run: python -m SimpleHTTPServer

Building this sample

  1. Install Node.js (contains NPM for package management)
  2. From the todomvc/ folder, run npm install followed by an npm run build
  3. Run the http server from the above "Running this sample" section
  4. If you're continually updating you can run npm run watch to monitor changes and re-build automatically