A Sketch plugin to rename layers based on the text style applied
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This plugin will go through your current pages' text styles and prepend or replace their Text Style name to the layer.

It will go through your local document text styles first, then look for any text styles that are linked from your libraries.


When developers are picking through tools like InVision and Zeplin they can't easily sync up the style reference to your design system. They only get the attributes of the font. This tool means that they can easily see form the generated class names or layer what the style is.


Install rename-layers-based-on-textstyle with Sketchpacks

Either install via Sketchpacks, Sketch Runner or...

  1. Download from the release page
  2. Unzip
  3. Double Click on rename-layers-based-on-textstyle.sketchplugin




Takes the Text Syle name and adds it to the end of the the Layer name with a hypen



Takes the Text Syle name and adds it to the front of the the Layer name with a hypen



Takes the Text Syle name and replaces the entire layer name with the Text Style

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