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Siegmeyer2 icon Siegmeyer2

Siegmeyer2 is a static SMACSS boilerplate using Susy grids and Siegmeyer typographic rhythm. It can be used as a standalone boilerplate, or just the SCSS tools can be imported via installation as a bower component (recommended).

####View demo


#####As a Bower component

Install as a Bower component to import Siegmeyer's SCSS setup. This just makes all siegmeyer mixins available (does not output css):
bower install --save-dev siegmeyer2

@import "bower_components/siegmeyer2/app/siegmeyer"

Then copy base/_variables.scss into your app and modify to suit your config, (change the defaults where required)

#####Yeoman generator A yeoman generator is available here.

#####Manual install

Node modules: npm install

Ruby gems: bundle

Front end dependancies: bower install


Boot up watch server with gulp: gulp watch


Build into dist directory with gulp: gulp build CSS, JS, and images will be concatenated & minified, PNG fallbacks for SVGs will be generated, critical path CSS will be inlined, and small images (<14kb) will be base64 encoded.

Susy Toolkit

Susy is used for most layout and media queries in Siegmeyer 2. You should familiarise yourself with the Susy docs.

Using the baseline grid

Type can be set to a different scale at each breakpoint. Line height defaults to twice the body font-size:

// base/_variables.scss
// Root font-sizes for each breakpoint. Set to half desired line-height of body text.
$rootsizes: (
    break-0: 13,   // 26px line-height body text
    break-1: 15,   // 30px line-height body text
    break-2: 17,   // 34px line-height body text

To set up new typefaces, provide some font info:

// base/_variables.scss
$type: (
    font-family: 'Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif',
    regular: normal,
    bold: bold,
    italic: italic,
    cap-height: 0.6 // tweak this manually until type sits on baseline. usually between 0.5 and 0.8

You can access this info with the following functions:

selector {
    font-family: font-family-of($type);
    font-weight: bold-of($type); // or regular-of($type)
    font-style:  italic-of($type);

To set type size, line height, padding, and scaling, you must provide the font variable in conjuction with the type mixin:

@include type($font: $type, $fontsize: 1.25rem, $lineheight: 2, $leader: 1, $trailer: 2, $scale-ratio: 2);

Line height, padding leader & trailer are in rems. 1 baseline unit = 1rem

The $scale-ratio parameter allows you to easily set how much scaling of $fontsize to apply to your type across multiple breakpoints (useful for large headings). Just enter the full scaling you desire for the final (widest) breakpoint, and Siegmeyer will automatically calculate intermediary scaling for any breakpoints in between, while maintaining rhythm.

For example: the above mixin will initially set the type to 1.25rem, and then incrementally scale up on each breakpoint in between until it reaches 2.5rem for the widest breakpoint (1.25rem * 2).

Using Susy grids in Siegmeyer

Customise your breakpoints as follows:

// base/_variables.scss
// responsive grid settings
// column number at each breakpoint
$break-0-cols: 4;
$break-1-cols: 8;
$break-2-cols: 12;

// map for flexible retrieval of breakpoint info
$breakpoint-map: (
    break-0: (
        cols:       $break-0-cols,
        start:      0px,
        max:        100%,
        layout:     $break-0-cols ($column-width 0px),
        size:       map-get($rootsizes, break-0)
    break-1: (
        cols:       $break-1-cols,
        start:      767px,
        max:        100%,
        layout:     $break-1-cols ($column-width 0px),
        size:       map-get($rootsizes, break-1)
    break-2: (
        cols:       $break-2-cols,
        start:      1280px,
        max:        100%,
        layout:     $break-2-cols ($column-width 0px),
        size:       map-get($rootsizes, break-2)

Use Siegmeyer's breakpoint-layout mixin to apply your styles:

.selector {
    // Siegmeyer breakpoint-layout mixin
    @include breakpoint-layout(break-1) {
        // use Susy mixins like normal
        margin-left: span(1 of 4);
        width: span(3);


  • more demos (varied config examples)
  • allow font size & leading to be set via px
  • add ability to reign in extra top line space on small type