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chromeotl is a simple program that transforms a bookmarks file exported from the Chrome browser into a vimoutliner .otl file.

otlhtml is a simplistic program that transforms a vimoutliner file produced by chromeotl into an html file. It does not treat all vimoutliner features.

Both scripts require OCaml and Ocamlnet.

The idea is that you run chromeotl to liberate yourself from using bookmarks in the Chrome browser, use vimoutliner to manage bookmarks, and periodically update a bookmarks.html file which can be accessed from any browser (both Chrome and Safari, say).

The .otl file can be synchronized between machines using git to track history and resolve conflicts. This avoids both cross browser data loss due to poor synchronization protocols and also sharing your private information with a second party (other than Google if you already needed chromeotl...).


  1. Improve the HTML output with CSS to make it prettier.