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Days 01-04 Introduction to the Flask Web Framework

This introduction to Flask will have you creating your first Flask Application using the packaging method and learning how to create persistent templates.

Day 1: Watch the first half of the video lessons

On Day 1 you'll be watching and following along with the videos from Flask Setup to Configuring your .flaskenv file.

It's quite a bit of content yes, but you'll be creating your first Flask app! Exciting!

Day 2: Watch the second half of the video lessons

On Day 2 you'll be watching the remaining videos from Creating the index template until the end.

These videos extend on what you've created on Day 1 and show you how to create a persistent theme (template) across all of the pages of your Flask app.

Day 3-4: Play!

By this point you'll have learned how to create a packaged Flask app that has a recurring theme across all of the pages.

Now it's your turn to get creative! You have two days to implement what you've learned and create your own Flask App.

The idea here is to create a NEW application folder from scratch and build your own base.html file. Get some basic MUI CSS in there to make it pretty.

It won't be too much of a time investment - this is meant to ease you into the 100 days.

Time to share what you've accomplished!

Be sure to share your last couple of days work on Twitter or Facebook. Use the hashtag #100DaysOfWeb.

Here are some examples to inspire you. Consider including @talkpython and @pybites in your tweets.

See a mistake in these instructions? Please submit a new issue or fix it and submit a PR.

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