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Basic application

General users should download EyeStalker-x86_64.AppImage (NOT UEyeStalker-x86_64.Appimage). Then, to run the AppImage** on Linux, simply:

Make it executable

$ chmod a+x EyeStalker*.AppImage

and run!

$ ./EyeStalker*.AppImage

**An AppImage is a downloadable file for Linux that contains an application and everything the application needs to run. From: http://appimage.org/

Furthermore, you can optionally change the application icon with the supplied SVG image.

With UEye camera

If you want to use the application in combination with the UEye camera used by EyeBrain T1 system, download UEyeStalker-x86_64.AppImage instead.

Make it executable

$ chmod a+x UEyeStalker*.AppImage

and run!

$ ./UEyeStalker*.AppImage

UEye drivers must be installed first. You can find these here: https://en.ids-imaging.com/.

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