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This is a limited Perl 6 version of CPAN's Perl 5 module Net::IP. It provides a subset of that module's basic IPv4 and IPv6 address manipulation subroutines.

See the Wikipedia article IP Address for a detailed introduction to IP addresses along with links to the authoritative RFCs.


This early version (less than 1.0.0) is considered usable, but the APIs are subject to change until version 1.0.0 is released.


For debugging, use one the following methods:

  • set the module's $DEBUG variable:
$Net::IP::Lite::DEBUG = True;
  • set the environment variable:

Subroutines Exported by Default

use Net::IP::Lite;

See ALL-SUBS for a list of subroutines exported with the ':ALL' export tag, each with a short description along with its complete signature.

Current Limitations

Addresses must be in "plain" format (no CIDR or other network information).

For the moment, no consideration for addresses is made for invalidity other than the format.


Use one of the following two methods for a normal Perl 6 environment:

zef install Net::IP::Lite
panda install Net::IP::Lite

If either attempt shows that the module isn't found or available, ensure your installer is current:

zef update
panda update

and try again.


It is the intent of this author to gradually add functions from the parent module as needed, eventually approaching its full functionality. Interested users are encouraged to contribute improvements and corrections to this module, and pull requests, bug reports, and suggestions are always welcome.

While testing will be normally be done as part of the zef or panda installation, cloning this project will result in a Makefile that can be used in fine-tuning tests and yielding more verbose results during the development process. The Makefile can be tailored as desired.


This module is indebted to the CPAN Perl IP::Net module authors for providing such a useful set of subroutines: