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Installation scripts for the Rakudo Perl 6 Star distribution

The Rakudo Perl 6 Star distribution is released quarterly from

The two installation scripts

The first script downloads the lastest release and the second script (created with the Perl 6 program in directory "util/") is used to do the actual configuration and installation steps:


    • Downloads a tgz archive of the latest Rakudo Perl 6 package (which is usually updated quarterly) and unpacks it in the current directory.

    • An install script to be run from inside the directory created by the previous script.

    • The script will install the Perl 6 files, along with a collection of useful modules, into directory:


    • The script will also output a script to be sourced to update the user's path to use the new files.

Additional information

The installation scripts above are based on the following text is from the Rakudo Perl 6 website:

The exact steps required may differ, depending on your operating system:

mkdir ~/rakudo && cd $_
curl -LJO
tar -xzf rakudo-star-*.tar.gz
mv rakudo-star-*/* .
rm -fr rakudo-star-*

perl --backend=moar --gen-moar

# If you wish, you can run the tests
# Depending on your machine, they could take over half an hour to run
make rakudo-test
make rakudo-spectest

make install

echo "export PATH=$(pwd)/install/bin/:$(pwd)/install/share/perl6/site/bin:\$PATH" >> ~/.bashrc
source ~/.bashrc