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Universal Typography demo

This is an experimental tool based on Tim Brown’s Universal Typography talks and principles. It shows how typesetting decisions for the web apply in many contexts — revealing the multidimensional nature of a single typographic element (in this case, a paragraph). It also demonstrates how font metrics data can help guide good typographic decisions.

See the demo. Originally debuted at An Event Apart, Atlanta 2015.

How do I use this?

Play with this experiment and study it. Choose a font, and make decisions about type size, measure, and leading. Modify and instantiate contexts, to see how your decisions might apply if a user has a very narrow screen or a large default font size. Then adjust your typesetting decisions to see how they apply across different contexts.

  • Does this tool seem helpful to you?
  • Where might something like this fit in your process?
  • What could be clearer about the interface?
  • Say hello to Tim on Twitter: @nicewebtype

Copyright and License

This tool is licensed under the two-clause BSD license. Copyright 2015 Tim Brown. All rights reserved.


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