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Adds NullAway DSL to Gradle Error Prone plugin
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This plugin is a companion to the net.ltgt.errorprone Gradle plugin that adds a Gradle DSL to configure NullAway


This plugin requires using at least Gradle 5.2, and applying the net.ltgt.errorprone plugin (it won't do anything otherwise).


plugins {
    id("net.ltgt.errorprone") version "<error prone plugin version>"
    id("net.ltgt.nullaway") version "<plugin version>"

then add the NullAway dependency to the errorprone configuration:

dependencies {

and finally configure NullAway's annotated packages:

nullaway {


Other NullAway flags, as well as the check severity, can be configured on the JavaCompile tasks:

tasks.withType(JavaCompile).configureEach {
    options.errorprone.nullaway {
        severity = CheckSeverity.ERROR
with Kotlin DSL
import net.ltgt.errorprone.*
import net.ltgt.nullaway.nullaway

tasks.withType<JavaCompile>().configureEach {
    options.errorprone.nullaway {


Property Description
severity The check severity. Equivalent to options.errorprone.check("NullAway", severity). Can be set to CheckSeverity.OFF to disable NullAway.
unannotatedSubPackages A list of subpackages to be excluded from the AnnotatedPackages list.
unannotatedClasses A list of classes within annotated packages that should be treated as unannotated.
knownInitializers The fully qualified name of those methods from third-party libraries that NullAway should treat as initializers.
excludedClassAnnotations A list of annotations that cause classes to be excluded from nullability analysis.
excludedClasses A list of classes to be excluded from the nullability analysis.
excludedFieldAnnotations A list of annotations that cause fields to be excluded from being checked for proper initialization.
customInitializerAnnotations A list of annotations that should be considered equivalent to @Initializer annotations, and thus mark methods as initializers.
externalInitAnnotations A list of annotations for classes that are "externally initialized."
treatGeneratedAsUnannotated If set to true, NullAway treats any class annotated with @Generated as if its APIs are unannotated when analyzing uses from other classes.
acknowledgeRestrictiveAnnotations If set to true, NullAway will acknowledge nullability annotations whenever they are available in unannotated code and also more restrictive than it's optimistic defaults.
checkOptionalEmptiness If set to true, NullAway will check for .get() accesses to potentially empty Optional values, analogously to how it handles dereferences to @Nullable values.
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