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ReplicatorG is an open-source GCode based controller for RepRap / CNC machines. It has 3 main goals:
1. Be as simple to use, and as easy to install as possible.
2. Be driver oriented and abstract the GCode away, allowing users to easily create drivers for their own machine.
3. Support as much of the GCode specification as possible.
For more information, see the website at:
Mac OSX:
ReplicatorG is an open source project, owned by nobody and supported by many.
The project is descended from the wonderful Arduino host software (
Arduino is descended from the also wonderful Processing environment (
ReplicatorG was forked from Arduino in August 2008.
See changelog.txt for a list of changes in each version.
People who have worked on ReplicatorG include:
Zach 'Hoeken' Smith (
Marius Kintel (
Adam Mayer (
Far McKon (
A full list of contributers is in contributers.txt