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* design a logo
* needs UI work!
* add caching of compiled STL!
* needs more rails testing
* need to figure out a better way to handle the git integration with rails (the routes are an ugly nightmare at the moment)
* add STL file uploads
* add DXF file uploads
* allow you to combine multiple Scripts/files together so that Scripts can include other files (maybe git submodules?)
* generate stl/dxf thumbnail images
* add versioning to objects - diff/rollback/etc
* modify openscad to optimize command line compiling - cache cgal data between compiles? long running process?
* maybe add OFF and DXF export options?
* add more openscad specific color coding to Bespin
* add openscad syntax completion to Bespin
* add comments - DISQUS?
* figure out how to get openscad modifiers to render in previews - ie. # to make transparent subtrees
* @clothbot suggested URL includes - so that a script can include a file hosted somewhere else, might make for interesting mashups
* add skeinforge or some sort of slicing system - maybe superskein will be ready by then
* setup gitolite for read/write git access - cron job to periodically update gitolite config from database?
* add publish to thingiverse
* add support for submitting print job requests to other sites like CloudFAB and Shapeways
* add REST API to everything!