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Basic Tags

<html></html> Creates an HTML document

<head></head> Sets off the title and other information that isn't displayed on the web page itself

<body></body> Sets off the visible portion of the document

Meta and other unseen markup

<!DOCTYPE> Declares the doctype so the browser knows whether to expect HTML4 (<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" "">) or HTML5 (<!DOCTYPE html>)

<meta /> Metadata tag, typically used to telling the browser how to behave at different sizes and for search engines/social networks to pull headline, photo and description when shared

<link /> Link tags are used to attach external documents to your HTML. Most commonly used to attach CSS stylesheets and RSS feeds

<script></script> Script tags are used to attach Javascript files to your HTML, or author JS right on the page.

<!-- COMMENT TEXT --> Inserting comments in your HTML can be useful for leaving yourself notes in case you need to revisit your code later

Text Tags

<pre></pre> Creates preformatted text

<h1></h1> Creates the largest headline

<h6></h6> Creates the smallest headline

<strong></strong> Creates bold text

<em></em> Creates italic text (em for emphasize)


<a href="URL"></a> Creates a hyperlink

<a href="mailto:EMAIL"></a> Creates a mailto link

<a href="#ID"></a> Creates an anchor tag -- a link to a location within this document


<p></p> Creates a new paragraph

<br /> Inserts a line break

<ol></ol> Creates a numbered list (ol stands for ordered list)

<ul></ul> Creates a bulleted list (ul stands for unordered list)

<li></li> Precedes each list item, and adds a number or symbol depending upon the type of list selected

<div></div> A generic tag used to format large blocks of HTML, also used for stylesheets

<img src="url" /> Adds an image

<hr /> Inserts a horizontal rule


<table></table> Creates a table

<tr></tr> Creates a row

<td></td> Creates a cell

<th></th> Creates a header cell (top of the column)

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