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MongoDB client for R.
The functions in this package allow you make queries with a MongoDB database from R.
A typical workflow using RMongo:
\item Connect to a mongodb database:
mongo <- mongoDbConnect("test", "localhost", 27017)
\item Insert a document into a collection:
This will insert a document of '{"foo":"bar"}' into the "test_data" collection.
output <- dbInsertDocument(mongo, "test_data", '{"foo": "bar"}')
\item Query a MongoDB collection:
This will query for documents which have a "foo" attribute with the value of "bar". The return value will be a list of rjson objects or a converted data.frame depending on the format parameter. NOTE: nested documents and arrays may not work properly if you specify a data.frame.
output <- dbGetQuery(mongo, "test_data",
'{"foo": "bar"}')
or if you want only a particular set of keys:
output <- dbGetQueryForKeys(mongo, "test_data",
'{"foo": "bar"}', '{"foo": 1}')
\item Close the connection:
\item Large result sets:
Set your java heap space to a large number to support loading more results into memory.
options( java.parameters = "-Xmx2g" )
Tommy Chheng <>
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