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Neither PUB key nor PRIV key:: nested asn1 error #42

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After updating from 0.2.7 to 0.2.8, I now get the following error message when making requests to Paypal:

internal server error: Neither PUB key nor PRIV key:: nested asn1 error


More details:

Error Message:
OpenSSL::PKey::RSAError: Neither PUB key nor PRIV key:: nested asn1 error

[GEM_ROOT]/gems/paypal_adaptive-0.2.8/lib/paypal_adaptive/request.rb, line 89
tc commented

This is the last commit that might have caused it:

@tonyla any thoughts?


+1 I've just had the same issue. Have reverted back to using the previous version for now.


What's the relevant portion of the paypal_adaptive.yml?


That should point to the cert_key_pem.txt that is downloaded through the paypal developer interface. It will contain a section that specifies the RSA private key and another section that specifies a certificate.

Sounds like the error is either the ssl_cert_file parameter code is being run for a bad config value or the cert_key_pem.txt is incorrect/bad.


Also getting this error after the update.

ssl_cert_file pointed to a generic cacert.pem file, not the one I downloaded from a PayPal Developer Interface. That's not an RSA private key, so I'm guessing it can't make an PKey::RSA object from it.


@josephers are you using a generic ssl_cert_file = cacert.pem in conjunction with the signature method of authenticating with Paypal?

If so I didn't realize this was common practice. I was under the impression the ssl_cert_file was strictly for the cert method provided by Paypal for authenticating api requests. If this is the case it is a relatively easy fix to separate these 2 methods.


I get the op error too. 0.2.7 works fine.

If there's a way to get 0.2.8 working can someone explain how to do it without using a certificate?


Same issue, any solution yet?


The gem is still loading a cacert.pem file automatically even if it's not defined (in paypal_adaptive/lib/paypal_adaptive/config.rb, line 46).

So @ssl_cert_file will never be nil, even if I don't set it in the config. But the default file supplied with the gem is not an OpenSSL::PKey, so it throws an error.
A solution would be to remove the autoloading of @ssl_cert_file. I've submitted a pull request.

@tc tc closed this in 87d40dc
tc commented

Will make a release later tonight.


@tc have you release bug fixed version? I just intall gem & still getting same error
Error : Neither PUB key nor PRIV key:: nested asn1 error
paypal_adaptive (0.2.8) lib/paypal_adaptive/request.rb:89:in `initialize'



I'm also getting this error in 0.2.9 when I attempt to provide a cert_key_pem.txt file:

paypal_adaptive (0.2.9) lib/paypal_adaptive/request.rb:93:in `initialize': Neither PUB key nor PRIV key:: nested asn1 error

Is the solution simply not to use a cert_key_pem.txt file now? Is this true for production (Paypal Live API) credentials?

tc commented

can you try again with 0.3.0?


Looks like it's resolving for me with 0.3.0!

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