Locale specific paypal urls #55

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The subject says it all, you can now use something like

redirect_to pay_response.approve_paypal_payment_url(:locale => I18n.locale)

to give Paypal a hint which locale it should use (got this tip from Paypal technical support).

Also improved the tests to actually test the generated URLs and simplified the code there.


after some more tests: this actually has to be the user's country code to work correctly. So I updated the commit.


rebased on top of current master and another minor change.
Using the locale specific URLs in production now and they are working fine.

tc commented Dec 17, 2012

sorry for missing this one long ago. Can you rebase it on master? Also, is it possible you change test to not depend on activesupport?

mreinsch added some commits May 9, 2012
@mreinsch mreinsch minor stuff:
 - rake is only a development dependency
 - added activesupport as a development dependendy (required in test_helper)
 - ignore rvm config
@mreinsch mreinsch - allow to pass in locale when generating payment approval URL
- improve tests
@mreinsch mreinsch don't require an argument so yaml can de-serialize responses aedb90a

I didn't pull in the active support requirement, just added it to the gemspec because of the "require 'active_support/core_ext/string'" in the test_helper.rb: https://github.com/tc/paypal_adaptive/blob/master/test/test_helper.rb

tc commented Dec 17, 2012

ah got it


rebased and fixed a test in addition

@tc tc merged commit 7f3f827 into tc:master Dec 17, 2012


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