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Agenda for the 64th meeting of Ecma TC39

  • Host: Bloomberg, New York, NY
  • Dates: 22-24 May 2018
  • Times:
    • 10:00 to 17:00 EDT on 22 May 2018
    • 10:00 to 17:00 EDT on 23 May 2018
    • 10:00 to 16:00 EDT on 24 May 2018
  • Location: Bloomberg LP HQ, 731 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10022
  • Wifi: Printed badges contain individual credentials
  • Dinner: TBD
  • Contacts:
    • TC39 Member contact (for local arrangements):


  • Photo ID is required to pick up your badge each day
  • The building sits above the 59th St 4/5/N/R/W subway station
  • Highly recommended to use subways, taxis, and/or car services -- do not drive/park
  • Video conferencing software is TBD
  • Necessary display adapters will be provided

Allen's paper on standards committee participation for new attendees:


Doodle (TC39 members only)

All visitors must be pre-registered in the Doodle to have a badge available upon arriving.


Since the building is directly above the train station, seek hotels directly above the 4/5 train (e.g. Grand Hyatt at Grand Central 42nd St station, or W Union Square at 14th St station), or above the N/R/W train (e.g., Central Park hotels near 5th Ave station). Smaller hotels are available a few blocks away, but pay attention to reviews from business travelers if possible. TC39 members in New York or that have attended previous New York meetings can give recommendations.


Monday 28th May 2018 is a US holiday; travel and hotel volume might be higher than usual the week of the meeting, so please plan accordingly.

Community Event cohosted with NYCHTML5

  • Date: Thursday 24 May 2018 (last day of TC39 meeting)
  • Time: 18:00--21:00
  • Location: Knewton
  • Organisers: Shu-yu Guo, Knewton staff, NYCHTML5
  • Registration: Cohosted with NYCHTML5: free, open to all interested, limited to 70
  • Pizza and drinks will be served at the event.

Agenda topic rules

Deadline for advancement eligibility: 12th May 2018, 10:00 EDT

  • Note: this time is selected to be precisely 10 days prior to the start of the meeting
  1. Proposals not looking to advance may be added at any time; if after the deadline, please always use a pull request so that members are notified of changes.
  2. Proposals looking to advance to stage 0 or 1 must be added (and noted as such) prior to the deadline.
    1. Such proposals should include supporting materials when possible.
  3. Proposals looking to advance to stages 2, 3, or 4 must be added (and noted as such) along with the necessary materials prior to the deadline.
    1. Such proposals must link to supporting materials prior to the deadline, or they will not be eligible for advancement. If these materials change substantially after the deadline, the proposal may be disqualified from advancement, based on the committee’s judgment.
  4. Proposal-based agenda items should be sorted primarily by stage (descending), secondarily by timebox (ascending), and finally by insertion date.

Supporting materials includes slides, a link to the proposal repository, a link to spec text, etc.; essentially, anything you are planning to present to the committee, or that would be useful for delegates to review.

Agenda items

  1. Opening, welcome and roll call

    1. Opening of the meeting (Mr. Jaeschke)
    2. TC39 follows its Code of Conduct
    3. Introduction of attendees
    4. Host facilities, local logistics
    5. Quick recap of meeting IPR policy (Daniel Ehrenberg)
    6. Overview of communication tools (Brian Terlson)
  2. Find volunteers for note taking

  3. Adoption of the agenda

    1. Adopting a fairly minor change to agenda format (issue / PR) (Michael Ficarra, Daniel Ehrenberg) (15m)
  4. Approval of the minutes from last meeting

  5. Next meeting host and logistics

  6. Report from the Ecma Secretariat (15m, Istvan Sebestyen, Wed 1:00 PM) (slides)

  7. Project Editors’ Reports

    1. ECMA262 Status Updates (15m)
    2. ECMA402 Status Updates (15m)
    3. ECMA404 Status Updates (15m)
    4. Test262 Status Updates (15m)
  8. Updates from the CoC Committee (15m)

  9. Web compatibility issues / Needs Consensus PRs

    timebox topic presenter
    15m Normative: Cleanup Time Values and Time Range (slides) Andrew Paprocki
    15m Normative: Add export * as ns from "mod” to Export production and Module Semantics (slides) Valerie Young, John-David Dalton
    15m Array.prototype.values web compat update Sathya Gunasekaran
  10. Overflow from previous meeting

    timebox topic presenter
  11. Short (≤30m) Timeboxed Discussions

    timebox topic presenter
    15m 2019/2020 meeting scheduling update Daniel Ehrenberg
    15m Update to the How We Work Documentation project and Website yulia (@codehag)
    15m ⌛ SuperProperty evaluation order (issue, slides) Justin Ridgewell
    30m Intl update (slides) Daniel Ehrenberg
    30m Rename Atomics.wake Rick Waldron, Filip Pizlo, Leo Balter
    30m Supporting other languages in ES module graphs updates (slides, PR) (Wed, second item after lunch) Lin Clark
  12. Proposals

    stage timebox topic presenter
    3 15m Optional catch binding for stage 4 (#1185) Michael Ficarra
    3 15m ECMAScript ⊃ JSON (slides) for Stage 4 (#1188) Mathias Bynens
    3 30m Numeric separators update (Thu 1:00 PM) Sam Goto, Rick Waldron, Leo Balter, Dan Ehrenberg
    3 30m Updates and a question to resolve on String.prototype.matchAll Jordan Harband
    3 30m BigInt status update (slides, repository) Daniel Ehrenberg
    3 30m Function.prototype.toString revision updates (slides) and stage 4 (#697) Michael Ficarra
    3 45m Approving a replacement name for Array.prototype.flatten (not smoosh) Michael Ficarra
    2 30m Symbol.prototype.description for stage 3 Michael Ficarra
    1 30m Object.fromEntries to stage 2? Jordan Harband, Kevin Gibbons
    1 30m Top-Level Await (slides) for stage 2 Myles Borins
    1 30m Function.prototype.toString() censorship for stage 2 Domenic Denicola
    1 30m Set methods for stage 2 (slides) Sathya Gunasekaran, Michal Wadas
    1 30m String.prototype.codePoints (slides) for Stage 2 Mathias Bynens
    1 60m Binary AST update (Thu 11:00A) (slides, spec rough draft) Shu-yu Guo, Eric Faust, Vladan Djeric
    -- 15m Sequence properties in Unicode property escapes (slides) for Stage 1 Mathias Bynens
    -- 30m Well-formed JSON.stringify (slides) for Stage 1 Mathias Bynens
    -- 30m Symbol.thenable for stage 1 (or 2?) Jordan Harband and Myles Borins
    -- 30m Intl.DateTimeFormat.prototype.formatRange for Stage 1 (Slides) Felipe Balbontin, Sathya Gunasekaran
    -- 30m ArrayBuffer.prototype.transfer: base proposal for stage 2; discussion on extended proposal Domenic Denicola
    -- 15m RegExp Match array offsets for Stage 1 (slides) Ron Buckton
    -- 15m Explicit Resource Management for Stage 1 (slides) Ron Buckton
    -- 45m "Blöcks" syntax for stage 0 Domenic Denicola
  13. Exceptions for this meeting

    1. security features (Wed morning)

      stage timebox topic presenter
      -- 60m Stopping exfiltration (Massive privacy violations vs boundaries) (slides, video) Mark S. Miller
      -- 30m Module Keys for Stage 1 Mike Samuel
      1 30m Realms (slides) for Stage 2 Caridy Patiño, Mark S. Miller, Dave Herman
    2. class things (Wed afternoon)

      stage timebox topic presenter
      3 15m Class fields status update (slides, repository) Daniel Ehrenberg
      2 60m Static class features for Stage 3 (slides, repository) Shu-yu Guo, Daniel Ehrenberg
      2 45m Decorators towards Stage 3 (slides, repository) Daniel Ehrenberg, Yehuda Katz, Brian Terlson
      -- 15m Class Static Block for Stage 1 (slides) Ron Buckton
      -- 30m class Access Expressions for Stage 1 (slides) Ron Buckton
    3. pattern matching features (Thu 10:00A, 60min total timebox)

      stage timebox topic presenter
      -- 60m Pattern Matching for Stage 1 (github, slides) Kat Marchán, Brian Terlson
      -- 15m as destructuring patterns for Stage 1 Kat Marchán
      -- 30m Tagged Collection Literals for Stage 1 Kat Marchán
  14. Longer or open-ended discussions

    timebox topic presenter
    30m Open-ended discussion: How should we analyze complexity and cross-cutting concerns on syntax and library proposals? Daniel Ehrenberg
    30m Open-ended discussion: How should we collaborate within a large committee? Daniel Ehrenberg
    45m Reviewing the future JS syntax throughout the current proposals (slides) Leo Balter
  15. Overflow from timeboxed agenda items (in insertion order)

    topic presenter
    Function.prototype.toString() censorship for stage 2 Domenic Denicola
    Continue 2019 schedule discussion Daniel Ehrenberg
  16. Other business

    1. Thank host
  17. Adjournment

Schedule constraints

  • Valerie Young can only attend the meeting online on the first day (May 22nd). Planning to present the export * as ns from "mod” PR
  • Vladan Djeric coming for binary AST will only be here Wed and Thurs (May 23 - May 24).
  • Istvan Sebestyen is available only Wed (May 23rd) and needs to be available for the Ecma update.
  • Lin Clark, presenting a 30-min item on supporting other languages in ES module graphs, will only be available on Wed (May 23rd).

Dates and locations of future meetings

Dates Location Host
2018-07-24 to 2018-07-26 Redmond Microsoft
2018-09-25 to 2018-09-27 New York PayPal
2018-11-27 to 2018-11-29 Cupertino Apple