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Agenda for the 93rd meeting of Ecma TC39

  • Host: Igalia
  • Dates and times:
    • 10:00 to 16:00 CET (Europe/Madrid) on 29 November 2022
    • 10:00 to 16:00 CET (Europe/Madrid) on 30 November 2022
    • 10:00 to 16:00 CET (Europe/Madrid) on 1 December 2022
  • Location: A Coruña, Galicia (Spain)
  • Attendee information:

For meeting times in your timezone, visit Temporal docs and run the code below in the devtools console.

  .withTimeZone(Temporal.Now.timeZone()) // your time zone


Agenda topic rules

Deadline for advancement eligibility: November 19th, 10:00 CEST

  • Note: this time is selected to be precisely 10 days prior to the start of the meeting
  1. Proposals not looking to advance may be added at any time; if after the deadline, please always use a pull request so that members are notified of changes. Note: an unmerged PR counts as ”added” for the purposes of this requirement.
  2. Proposals seeking feedback at stage 0 must be added (and noted as such) prior to the deadline, or else delegates may object to advancement solely on the basis of missing the deadline.
    1. Such proposals should include supporting materials when possible.
  3. Proposals looking to advance to stage 1 must be added (and noted as such) prior to the deadline, or else delegates may object to advancement solely on the basis of missing the deadline.
    1. Such proposals must link to a proposal repository and they should link to supporting materials when possible.
  4. Proposals looking to advance to stages 2, 3, or 4 must be added (and noted as such) along with the necessary materials prior to the deadline, or else delegates may object to advancement solely on the basis of missing the deadline.
    1. Such proposals must link to supporting materials prior to the deadline, or else delegates may object to advancement solely on the basis of missing the deadline. If these materials change substantially after the deadline, the proposal may be disqualified from advancement, based on the committee’s judgment.
    2. Proposals looking to advance to stage 4 must link to a pull request into the spec, since the process requires one.
  5. Proposal-based agenda items should be sorted primarily by stage (descending), secondarily by timebox (ascending), and finally by insertion date.

Supporting materials includes slides, a link to the proposal repository, a link to spec text, etc.; essentially, anything you are planning to present to the committee, or that would be useful for delegates to review.

Agenda items

  1. Opening, welcome and roll call (Chair)

    1. Opening of the meeting
    2. TC39 follows its Code of Conduct
    3. Introduction of attendees
    4. Host facilities, local logistics
    5. Quick recap of meeting IPR policy
    6. Overview of communication tools
    7. Reminder to review Github Delegate teams (Jordan Harband)
  2. Find volunteers for note taking

  3. Adoption of the agenda

  4. Approval of the minutes from last meeting

  5. Next meeting host and logistics

  6. Secretary's Report (15m, Istvan Sebestyen) Slides:

  7. Project Editors’ Reports

    1. ECMA262 Status Updates (slides) (15m)
    2. ECMA402 Status Updates (slides) (15m)
    3. ECMA404 Status Updates (15m)
    4. Test262 Status Updates (15m)
  8. Updates from the CoC Committee (15m)

  9. Web compatibility issues / Needs Consensus PRs

    timebox topic presenter
    15m Should we set a lower bound on resolution of timers? Shu-yu Guo
    30m Speccing liveness of template objects Shu-yu Guo
  10. Overflow from previous meeting

    timebox topic presenter
  11. Incubation call chartering (15m on the last day)

  12. Short (≤30m) Timeboxed Discussions

    timebox topic presenter
    20m A procedure for multiple active supporters in committee to achieve consensus (slides) Daniel Ehrenberg
    10m IPR clarification for past commits (slides) Daniel Ehrenberg
    20m Motivating use cases for Module Harmony proposals (slides) Kris Kowal
    30m Is ECMA-402 allowed to extend ECMA-262 prototypes? (proposal-temporal#2169, slides) Richard Gibson
  13. Proposals

    ✓ represents an agenda item which has been presented, and does not indicate stage advancement

    stage timebox topic presenter
    3 15m Intl NumberFormat V3 Stage 3 Update (slides) Shane F. Carr
    3 15m Array Grouping WebCompat Issues (slides) Justin Ridgewell
    3 30m Intl Enumeration API for Stage 4 (Slides, Stage 4 PR) Frank Yung-Fong Tang
    3 30m Intl Locale Info API Stage 3 update (Slides) Frank Yung-Fong Tang
    3 30m Intl DurationFormat Stage 3 Update (Slides TBD) Ujjwal Sharma
    3 30m Resizable buffers bug fixes (#104, #106, #108) and transfer future proofing (#113) Shu-yu Guo
    3 60m ShadowRealm Stage 3 update and request for "Ready to Ship" status (slides) Leo Balter
    3 60m Temporal status overview and normative changes (slides) Philip Chimento
    2 15m Well-Formed Unicode Strings for Stage 3 (slides) Michael Ficarra
    2 20m String.dedent for Stage 3 (slides) Justin Ridgewell
    2 30m Module expressions (was "Module blocks") Stage 2 update (slides, repo, spec) Nicolò Ribaudo
    2 45m Set methods for Stage 3 (slides, spec) Kevin Gibbons
    2 45m iterator helpers for stage 3 (slides) Michael Ficarra
    2 45m Import reflection update (slides, spec) Guy Bedford & Luca Casonato
    2 60m Records & Tuples discussion (slides) Ashley Claymore
    2 60m Explicit Resource Management for Stage 3 (slides, spec) Ron Buckton
    1 30m await operations for Stage 2 (slides) Jack Works
    1 30m Module and ModuleSource constructors for stage 2 (slides, spec) Caridy Patiño
    1 30m Module declarations (was "Module fragments") for Stage 2 (slides, repo, spec) Nicolò Ribaudo
    1 20m eraDisplay option for Intl.DateTimeFormat for Stage 2 (slides, spec) Shane F. Carr
    1 20m Defer Import Eval discussion (slides) Guy Bedford & Yulia Startsev
    0 30m Intl era and monthCode for Stage 1 (slides , spec) Frank Yung-Fong Tang
    0 30m Intl MessageResource for Stage 1 (slides, spec) Eemeli Aro
    0 30m Mass Proxy Revocation for Stage 1 (slides, spec) Alex Vincent
    0 60m Prototype pollution mitigation / Symbol.proto for Stage 1 (slides) Shu-yu Guo
    0 60m Async Contexts for Stage 1 (slides) Justin Ridgewell
  14. Longer or open-ended discussions

    timebox topic presenter
    30m Documenting Stage 3 proposals which are not ready to ship (PR, slides) Daniel Ehrenberg
    15m An introduction to the LibJS JavaScript engine (slides) Linus Groh
  15. Overflow from timeboxed agenda items (in insertion order)

    topic presenter
  16. Other business

    1. Thank host
  17. Adjournment

Schedule constraints

Schedule constraints should be supplied here 48 hours before the meeting begins so that the Chairs can take them into account when preparing the schedule.

Normal Constraints

  • Leo Balter is attending from California, preference for the ShadowRealm topic being discussed at the the last hour of the meeting, any of the days.
  • The "module declarations" topic should come right after "module expressions" (Nicolò Ribaudo)
  • Shu-yu Guo might not be able to attend Thursday, December 1; lowest priority items for @syg are Intl-related, so preference for Intl items on that day.
  • Alex Vincent is attending from California and would (weakly) prefer to present Mass Proxy Revocation either at the beginning or the end of any day's session.
  • Philip Chimento is available either the first or last hour of the meeting on any day, to present Temporal. If this is not possible, we can arrange an alternate presenter if given some advance notice. Would prefer to be able to attend "Is ECMA-402 allowed to extend ECMA-262 prototypes?" as well, but that's not as high of a priority.
  • Frank Yung-Fong Tang is attending from California, cannot attend afternoon on Thursday, December 1 and prefer to present all his topics in one batch, either in the morning of Wednesday, November 30 or the morning of Thursday, December 1.
  • Santiago Díaz cannot attend Thursday, December 1 and needs to be present for "Prototype pollution mitigation / Symbol.proto"
  • Jordan Harband would prefer to only attend for the first two hours of each day, and would like to be present for whatever is possible out of, Well-Formed Unicode Strings, set methods, iterator helpers, dedent, await ops, module declarations, Symbol.proto.
  • Guy Bedford is attending from British Columbia for modules-related agenda items with a preference for the last 2-3 hours of each day.

Late-breaking Schedule Constraints

Dates and locations of future meetings

Dates Location Host
2023-01-30 to 2023-02-02 Remote: "Boston"
2023-03-21 to 2023-03-23 Seattle, US F5
2023-05-15 to 2023-05-18 Remote: "Chicago"
2023-07-11 to 2023-07-13 Bergen, Norway University of Bergen
2023-09-26 to 2023-09-28 Tokyo, Japan Bloomberg
2023-11-27 to 2023-11-30 Remote: "SF"