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Agenda for the: 50th meeting of Ecma TC39

in: San Francisco - Salesforce
on: 26-28 January 2016
TIME: 10:00 till 17:00 PDT on 26 and 27 of January 2016
      10:00 till 16:00 PDT on 28 of January 2016
   Salesforce’s Office
   123 Mission 23rd Floor
   San Francisco, CA 94105, USA

   IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Super Bowl isn't until February 7, but street closures is already affecting the area where the meeting is taking place. More details here:

    Time: 6:30pm
    Location: Embarcadero Center, 4 Embarcadero Center, San Francisco, CA 94111
    Time: 6:30pm
    Location: TBD
    Map of nearby reputable hotels:

    Caridy Patiño


Agenda items

  1. Opening, welcome and roll call

  2. Opening of the meeting (Mr. Neumann)

  3. Introduction of attendees

  4. Host facilities, local logistics

  5. Question: The previously stated TC39 dates for Munich will not work. Which of these three dates works for the committee? 1. a week earlier (Tue 17-Thu 19) 1. a day earlier (Mon 23-Wed 25) -- selected 1. a week later (Wed 1-Fri 3)

  6. Adoption of the agenda

  7. Approval of the minutes from November 2015

  8. Report from the Ecma Secretariat

    1. ISO Fast Track Plans and new Ecma ECMAScript Suite draft standard. (Allen Wirfs-Brock)
    2. Review of milestones and deadlines for June GA approvals of new standard editions. (Allen Wirfs-Brock)
    3. Ecma archiving and web hosting issues: Github,, etc. (Allen Wirfs-Brock)
    4. Invited Experts funding strawman (Allen Wirfs-Brock)
  9. Proposals for Future Editions of ECMA-262

  10. Zones (Miško Hevery, Brad Green, Domenic Denicola). Preferably January 26 so Brad can make it.

  11. Decorators (Yehuda Katz, Miško Hevery, Brad Green, Ron Buckton). Preferably January 26 so Brad can make it. 1. Stage 0 proposal: Method Parameter Decorators ( PR) 2. Stage 0 proposal: Function Expression Decorators ( PR)

  12. Shared Memory and Atomics (Lars T Hansen, Mozilla) Spec materials. Discussion of concerns raised at September 2015 meeting, proposal to move to Stage 2. (Time constraint: Tuesday Only)

  13. Function.prototype.toString and Function.prototype.isPortable: proposal to advance to stage 2 (Michael Ficarra)

  14. Whither weak references (old wiki spec: (Brendan Eich)

  15. Proxy security issue--freeze Object.prototype's __proto__? bug (Daniel Ehrenberg) (Time constraint: Wednesday only)

  16. Async generators Proposal (Kevin Smith)

  17. Private State Update (Kevin Smith, Allen Wirfs-Brock) 1. Sugar for symbols discussion (Yehuda Katz, ...)

  18. Progress review: Callable class constructors (Allen)

  19. SIMD.js status update slides (Daniel Ehrenberg)

  20. Require Unicode 8.0? bug (Daniel Ehrenberg)

  21. Module loading update (Dave Herman, Caridy Patiño)

  22. Advance Object.values/entries to stage 4? When? (Jordan Harband)

  23. Advance String#padStart/padEnd to stage 4? When? (Jordan Harband)

  24. Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptors to stage 2? (Jordan Harband)

  25. Introduce the continents concept to the spec? (Domenic Denicola; low priority)

  26. Advance Exponentiation Operator to stage 4? (Rick Waldron)

  27. Proxy Enumerate - revisit decision to exhaust iterator? See also: (Brian Terlson)

  28. Strong Mode Discussion (Andreas)

  29. Test262 Updates

  30. ECMA-402 Updates

  31. Date and place of the next meetings

    Dates Location Host
    2016-03-29 to 2016-03-31 San Francisco, CA Mozilla
    2016-05-23 to 2016-05-25 Munich, DE Google
    2016-07-26 to 2016-07-28 Redmond, WA Microsoft
    2016-09-27 to 2016-09-29 Los Gatos, CA Netflix
    2016-11-29 to 2016-12-01 Menlo Park, CA Facebook
  32. Closure

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