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Agenda for the 55th meeting of Ecma TC39


Where to park/how to access the building

Park in guest parking at building 20. Check in with reception/security and they will ping someone to come and get you.

Building 20 is the newer building that runs along Bayfront Expressway (AKA Highway 84) right up to the intersection where it intersects with Willow Rd. Feel free to reach out to Jeff if you get lost or have trouble finding your way in.

Any other logistics required to participate in the meeting

Closer to the meeting there will be a link to video-conference in for non-local attendees. If you intend to call in to the meeting, please ensure you coordinate a direct contect at the meeting in case there are issues with the VC system, etc.




Sheraton Palo Alto Hotel 625 El Camino Real Palo Alto, CA 94301 Fairly close and a nice hotel. Takes about 20mins (with traffic) to drive to Facebook. Walking distance from the Palo Alto Caltrain station and University Ave, which has plenty of restaurants and coffee shops.

Best Western Plus Riviera 15 El Camino Real Menlo Park, CA 94025 A 5-10min drive down the street from the Sheraton but a little more economical.

Agenda items

  1. Opening, welcome and roll call
  2. Opening of the meeting (Allen Wirfs-Brock)
  3. Introduction of attendees
  4. Host facilities, local logistics
  5. Find volunteers for note taking
  6. Adoption of the agenda
  7. Approval of the minutes from last meeting
  8. Report from the Ecma Secretariat (15m)
  9. Other Administrative Matters
  10. Determine 2017 TC39 meeting dates, locations, and hosts. Strawman 2017 dates: Jan 24-26 (Salesforce - San Francisco, Mar 21-23 (Tentatively PayPal - San Jose), May 23-25 (Google - New York), July 25-27 (Microsoft - Redmond), Sept 26-28 (Bocoup - Boston), Nov 28-30
  11. Future chairmanship and meeting process discussion
  12. ECMA262 Status Updates (15m)
  13. ECMA402 Status Updates (15m)
  14. ECMA404 and ECMA414 Updates (5m)
  15. Test262 Status Updates (15m)
  16. Timeboxed overflow from previous meeting
  17. 15 Minute Items 1. RegExp s/dotAll flag to stage 1 (possibly 2?) (championed by Brian Terlson, text by Mathias Bynens)
  18. 30 Minute Items 1. Revisit NaN again! (slides) (Daniel Ehrenberg) -- please treat this item as low priority 1. Promise.try to stage 1 (possibly 2?) (Jordan Harband)
  19. 45 Minute Items
  20. 60 Minute Items
  21. Timebox Not Yet Selected
  22. Timeboxed agenda items
  23. 15 Minute Items 1. Promise.resolve’s constructor check: useful elsewhere, or “we have regrets”? (Jordan Harband) 1. ArrayIterator tweak for detached TypedArrays (Daniel Ehrenberg)
  24. 30 Minute Items 1. Proposal to reform the spec to solve Node.js ecosystem compatibility breaks w/ ES Modules (Caridy Patiño) 1. Module Namespace Objects open issues (e.g. Symbol property behavior, iterators) (Adam Klein) 1. Promise.prototype.finally to stage 3? (Jordan Harband) 1. Proposal to reform the spec to include default export in export * from 'module' (Caridy Patiño on behalf of Guy Bedford) 1. Variation on UnambiguousJavaScriptGrammar (Dave Herman) 1. Intl.Segmenter for Stage 2 (Daniel Ehrenberg) -- added at the last second, OK to deprioritize or skip
  25. 45 Minute Items
  26. 60 Minute Items 1. import() open issues and stage 3 discussion (Domenic Denicola) 1. LineTerminator normalization: implementation feedback for F.p.toString (Michael Ficarra, Wed/Thu only) 1. RegExp lookbehind (Daniel Ehrenberg, Brian Terlson) (slides)
  27. Non-timeboxed agenda items
  28. Web compatibility issues / Needs-consensus PRs
  29. Stage 0+ proposals looking to advance 1. SharedArrayBuffer to stage 3 (Shu-yu Guo, Lars Hansen, Wed morning only for Lars to call in) (slides) 1. Private State to Stage 2 (Daniel Ehrenberg) (slides)
  30. New proposals
  31. Discussion and updates for Stage 0+ Proposals
  32. Progress report and request for comments on 64-bit int support - links to come (Brendan Eich)
  33. Process proposal: require an implementation to land a normative PR to the spec (Daniel Ehrenberg)
  34. Open-ended: How can we promote diversity and inclusion in TC39? (Daniel Ehrenberg) (one minor part)
  35. Low-priority: do we anticipate using the term mixin? (Domenic Denicola)
  36. Overflow from timeboxed discussion items (in insertion order)
  37. Promise.resolve’s constructor check: useful elsewhere, or “we have regrets”? (Jordan Harband)
  38. import() open issues and stage 3 discussion (Domenic Denicola)
  39. Closure

Agenda Topic Rules

  1. Proposals looking to advance must be added to the agenda along with necessary review materials 7 days prior to the first day of the meeting.
  2. Timeboxed topics may be 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes in length.

Schedule constraints

Dates and locations of future meetings

Dates Location Host
2017-01-?? to 2017-01-?? TBD TBD
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