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Agenda for the 69th meeting of Ecma TC39

  • Host: Google
  • Dates: 26-28 March 2019
  • Times:
    • 10:00 to 17:00 EDT on 26 and 27 of March 2019
    • 10:00 to 16:00 EDT on 28 March 2019
  • Location: details
  • Wifi: details
  • Dinner: details
  • Contact:


Allen's paper on standards committee participation for new attendees:


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TBD Hotels nearby (optional)

Agenda topic rules

Deadline for advancement eligibility: March 16, 2019, 15:00 UTC

  • Note: this time is selected to be precisely 10 days prior to the start of the meeting
  1. Proposals not looking to advance may be added at any time; if after the deadline, please always use a pull request so that members are notified of changes.
  2. Proposals looking to advance to stage 0 or 1 must be added (and noted as such) prior to the deadline, or else delegates may object to advancement solely on the basis of missing the deadline.
    1. Such proposals should include supporting materials when possible.
  3. Proposals looking to advance to stages 2, 3, or 4 must be added (and noted as such) along with the necessary materials prior to the deadline, or else delegates may object to advancement solely on the basis of missing the deadline.
    1. Such proposals must link to supporting materials prior to the deadline, or else delegates may object to advancement solely on the basis of missing the deadline. If these materials change substantially after the deadline, the proposal may be disqualified from advancement, based on the committee’s judgment.
    2. Proposals looking to advance to stage 4 must link to a pull request into the spec, since the process requires one.
  4. Proposal-based agenda items should be sorted primarily by stage (descending), secondarily by timebox (ascending), and finally by insertion date.

Supporting materials includes slides, a link to the proposal repository, a link to spec text, etc.; essentially, anything you are planning to present to the committee, or that would be useful for delegates to review.

Agenda items

  1. Opening, welcome and roll call

    1. Opening of the meeting (Yulia Startsev, Aki Rose, Brian Terlson)
    2. TC39 follows its Code of Conduct
    3. Introduction of attendees
    4. Host facilities, local logistics
    5. Quick recap of meeting IPR policy (Daniel Ehrenberg)
    6. Overview of communication tools (Brian Terlson)
    7. Follow-up on TC39 RFTC status change
    8. Reminder that all stage 1+ proposals must live in the @tc39 org (instructions) (Jordan Harband)
  2. Find volunteers for note taking

  3. Adoption of the agenda

  4. Approval of the minutes from last meeting

  5. Next meeting host and logistics

  6. Report from the Ecma Secretariat (15m, Istvan Sebestyen) slides

  7. Project Editors’ Reports

    1. ECMA262 Status Updates (15m)
    2. ECMA402 Status Updates (15m) (Slides)
      1. Editorship updates (Slides)
      2. Request to become a TC39 Task Group
    3. ECMA404 Status Updates (15m)
    4. Test262 Status Updates (15m)
  8. Updates from the CoC Committee (15m)

  9. Liaison reports

    1. Ecma TC53 (20m, Peter Hoddie, Mark Miller) slides
  10. Web compatibility issues / Needs Consensus PRs

    timebox topic presenter
    ☑️ 5m Normative: Remove implementation-defined typeof behavior (slides) Daniel Ehrenberg
    ☑️ 15m Normative: CreateDynamicFunction early concatenates bodyText (slides) Leo Balter
    ☑️ 15m Normative: Make Async-from-Sync iterator object inaccessible to ECMAScript code Editors
    ☑️ 15m Normative: Suppress GetMethod errors in IteratorClose Kevin Smith / Editors
    ☑️ 15m Normative: Add export * as ns from "mod" to Export production and Module Semantic Valerie Young / Editors
    ☑️ 15m Normative: Require at least four digits in string representations of negative years Richard Gibson
  11. Overflow from previous meeting

    timebox topic presenter
  12. Short (≤30m) Timeboxed Discussions

    timebox topic presenter
  13. Proposals

    stage timebox topic presenter
    ☑️ 3 15m String.prototype.matchAll for Stage 4 (spec PR) Jordan Harband
    ☑️ 3 30m Dynamic import() for Stage 4 (slides) Daniel Ehrenberg (author: Domenic Denicola)
    ☑️ 2 15m dateStyle/timeStyle for Stage 3 (slides) Daniel Ehrenberg
    ☑️ 2 30m Intl.DateTimeFormat.prototype.formatRange for Stage 3 (slides) Felipe Balbontin
    ☑️ 2 45m Function implementation hiding stage 2 update, maybe call for stage 3 reviewers Domenic Denicola
    ☑️ 2 60m Top-level await Stage 2 update (slides) Myles Borins
    ☑️ 2 60m (Yet another) decorators Stage 2 update (slides) Daniel Ehrenberg
    ☑️ 2 15m Promise.allSettled for Stage 3 (slides) Mathias Bynens
    ☑️ 2 30m WeakRef update (slides) Sathya Gunasekaran, Till Schneidereit
    ☑️ 2 30m temporal Stage 2 Update Philipp Dunkel
    ☑️ 1 30m Uniform parsing of quasi-standard Date.parse input for Stage 2 (slides) Richard Gibson
    ☑️ 1 30m Decorator-based extended numeric literals status update, and numeric separators for Stage 3 (slides) Daniel Ehrenberg
    ☑️ 1 30m Error stacks for Stage 2? Jordan Harband
    ☑️ 1 15m String.prototype.replaceAll for Stage 2 Mathias Bynens
    ☑️ 0 15m Promise.any for stage 1 (slides) Mathias Bynens
    ☑️ 0 30m Private declarations for Stage 1 (slides) Justin Ridgewell
    ☑️ 0 30m Promise.result for Stage 1 (slides) Shu-yu Guo, Pedram Emrouznejad
  14. Longer or open-ended discussions

    timebox topic presenter
    ☑️ 30m BigInt function parameter overloading and Intl.NumberFormat.prototype.format (slides) Daniel Ehrenberg
    ☑️ 60m Let's ship it: replace es-discuss with moderateable forum Aki Rose Braun
  15. Overflow from timeboxed agenda items (in insertion order)

    topic presenter
    ☑️ Uniform parsing of quasi-standard Date.parse input Richard Gibson
    ☑️ Private Declarations for Stage 1 Justin Ridgewell
    ☑️ BigInt function parameter overloading Daniel Ehrenberg
  16. Other business

    1. Thank host
  17. Adjournment

Schedule constraints

  • Domenic will not be present on day 1, so his item should be scheduled on the other days
  • Angular representatives (@IgorMinar, @mhevery, @mgechev) would like to dial in and participate in the "(Yet another) decorators Stage 2 update" discussion. If possible, they request that the discussion occurs on Wed, March 27 within one of the following slots: 1:30-3pm EDT and less preferably 4-5pm EDT.
  • Valerie Young (@spectranaut) and Isaac Durazo (@isaacdurazo) - both Bocoup and Ecma402 - would like to attend remotely the Ecma402 related topics, including the status updates. Would appreciate to known with some advance (10 minutes at least) before each of these topics. Leo Balter (@leobalter) can channel the communication with them.

Dates and locations of future meetings

Dates Location Host
2019-06-04 to 2019-06-06 Berlin Stripe
2019-07-23 to 2019-07-25 Redmond, WA Microsoft
2019-10-01 to 2019-10-03 New York Bloomberg
2019-12-03 to 2019-12-05 San Francisco, CA Salesforce
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