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Includes a link to es-discuss and the IRC channel.
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## This repo
This repository contains the source for the current draft of ECMA-262,
the ECMAScript® Language Specification.
the ECMAScript® Language Specification.
This source is processed to obtain a human-readable version,
which you can view [here](
@@ -25,3 +26,8 @@ Please see [Contributing to ECMAScript](/ for the most up-to-dat
## Developing the Specification
After cloning, do `npm install` to set up your environment. You can then do `npm run build` to build the spec or `npm run watch` to set up a continuous build. The results will appear in the `out` directory, which you can use `npm run clean` to delete.
## Community
* [Es-discuss mailing list]( Mailing list for ECMAScript discussions
* IRC: #tc39 on Freenode ([instructions](

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