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Editorial: Use IsCallable abstract op

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shvaikalesh committed May 8, 2019
1 parent 5527c80 commit e053a6af5a4cede0217b8668a424a832755584c0
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@@ -4815,7 +4815,7 @@ <h1>EnumerableOwnPropertyNames ( _O_, _kind_ )</h1>
<h1>GetFunctionRealm ( _obj_ )</h1>
<p>The abstract operation GetFunctionRealm with argument _obj_ performs the following steps:</p>
1. Assert: _obj_ is a callable object.
1. Assert: IsCallable(_obj_) is *true*.
1. If _obj_ has a [[Realm]] internal slot, then
1. Return _obj_.[[Realm]].
1. If _obj_ is a Bound Function exotic object, then

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