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ECMAScript Internationalization API Specification

This repo

This repository contains the source for the current draft of ECMA-402, the ECMAScript® Internationalization API Specification.

This source is processed to obtain a human-readable version, which you can view here.

Current Proposals

Proposals follow the TC39 process and are tracked in the proposals repository.

Information about status of tests, documentations and browser implementations of proposals can be found in this wiki page.

How to Contribute

Please see Contributing to ECMAScript for the most up-to-date information on contributing proposals to this standard.

ECMA-402 is developed by the ECMA-402 Task Group under TC39. The task group achieves consensus and brings recommendations to TC39. The task group has a monthly teleconference. Community members who have followed the procedures in are welcome to join the monthly meeting. Please see the ECMA-402 Monthly Calendar for the schedule and for information on how to dial into the meeting. Please also apply for membership in the mailing list. ECMA 402 Calendar

Developing the Specification

After cloning, do npm install to set up your environment. You can then do npm run build to build the spec or npm run watch to set up a continuous build. The results will appear in the out directory, which you can use npm run clean to delete.