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dateStyle and timeStyle options for DateTimeFormat
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dateStyle and timeStyle option on Intl.DateTimeFormat API Specification [draft]

This proposal adds two options to Intl.DateTimeFormat: dateStyle and timeStyle. These options give a compact way to request the appropriate, locale-specific way to ask for a date and time of given lengths.


Current Stage:

  • 🚀 Stage 3

Spec Text:


  • Zibi Braniecki (@zbraniecki)


  • ?


This proposal is based on the CLDR Date/Time Patterns:


let o = new Intl.DateTimeFormat("en" , {
  timeStyle: "short"
console.log(o.format(; // "13:31"

let o = new Intl.DateTimeFormat("en" , {
  dateStyle: "short"
console.log(o.format(; // "21.03.2012"

let o = new Intl.DateTimeFormat("en" , {
  timeStyle: "medium",
  dateStyle: "short"
console.log(o.format(; // "21.03.2012, 13:31"

Render Spec

npm install
npm run build
open index.html


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