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Inactive Proposals

Inactive proposals are proposals that at one point were presented to the committee but were subsequently abandoned, withdrawn, or rejected.

Proposal Champion Rationale
RegExp.escape Domenic Denicola, Benjamin Gruenbaum Rejected: in favor of exploring a template tag function solution
Callable class constructors Yehuda Katz and Allen Wirfs-Brock Withdrawn: can be solved with decorators
Error.isError Jordan Harband Withdrawn: in favor of Error stack traces proposal
{Set,Map}.prototype.toJSON David Bruant and Jordan Harband Rejected: better solved by a custom replacer function.
Typed Objects Till Schneidereit (previously Dmitry Lomov, Niko Matsakis) Postponed: waiting for WebAssembly requirements to become clearer
Object enumerables Leo Balter & John-David Dalton Rejected
Cancelable Promises Domenic Denicola Withdrawn
Proposed Grammar change to ES Modules Bradley Farias Rejected: No consensus on this specific solution.
Dynamic Module Reform Caridy Patiño Withdrawn: we decided to preserve the current semantics
SIMD.JS - SIMD APIs Peter Jensen, Yehuda Katz Stage 1: Start with SIMD in WASM; implementations not pursuing SIMD.js for now.
Updates to Tail Calls to include an explicit syntactic opt-in Brian Terlson & Eric Faust Inactive
Object.shallowEqual Sebastian Markbage Withdrawn
%constructor%.construct James M Snell Withdrawn
Builtins.typeOf() and James M Snell Withdrawn: can be solved in other ways
Tagged Collection Literals Kat Marchán Withdrawn: pursuing when new syntax and other alternatives

See also the stage 0 proposals, active proposals, and finished proposals documents.