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Stage 0 Proposals

Stage 0 proposals are either

  • planned to be presented to the committee by a TC39 champion, or
  • have been presented to the committee and not rejected definitively, but have not yet achieved any of the criteria to get into stage 1.
🚀 Proposal Author Champion Last Presented
Additional metaproperties Allen Wirfs-Brock Allen Wirfs-Brock
Annex B — HTML Attribute Event Handlers Allen Wirfs-Brock Allen Wirfs-Brock
Defensible Classes Mark Miller
Doug Crockford
Mark Miller
Doug Crockford
Function bind syntax Kevin Smith Brian Terlson
Matthew Podwysocki
March 2015
Function expression decorators Igor Minar Igor Minar
Method parameter decorators Igor Minar Igor Minar
Nested import declarations Ben Newman Ben Newman July 2016
Normative ICU Reference Domenic Denicola Domenic Denicola May 2017
Orthogonal Classes Mark Miller
Allen Wirfs-Brock
Mark Miller
Allen Wirfs-Brock
March 2017
Reflect.{isCallable,isConstructor} Caitlin Potter Caitlin Potter
Relationships Mark Miller
Waldemar Horwat
Mark Miller
Waldemar Horwat Mathias Bynens Mathias Bynens
Rick Waldron
Structured Clone Dmitry Lomov Dmitry Lomov Jan 2014
WHATWG URL James M Snell James M Snell
Zones (spec) Domenic Denicola Domenic Denicola
Miško Hevery
March 2016
Object Shorthand Improvements Ron Buckton Ron Buckton Sep 2017
Decimal Andrew Paprocki
Daniel Ehrenberg
Andrew Paprocki
Daniel Ehrenberg
Nov 2017
deprecated James M Snell James M Snell
as destructuring patterns Kat Marchán Kat Marchán
Symbol.thenable Gus Caplan Jordan Harband
Myles Borins
Promise.any Mathias Bynens Mathias Bynens

🚀 means the champion thinks it's ready to advance but has not yet presented to the committee.

See also the finished proposals, active proposals, and inactive proposals.