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TC39 website

The TC39 website aims to improve the web presence and host the documentation of TC39. We want to make the JavaScript spec more accessible and help people understand what the committee does!

This site is built using GitHub Pages and Jekyll and is currently an MVP. We are looking for feedback from people of all areas.

Getting involved

This project adheres to the TC39 Code of Conduct.


If you find that this website does not provide the information you need, please comment on our usability thread with what you were looking for and where you would have expected to find it! This helps us understand what people's needs are and how we can improve this page to address those needs.

If you notice a problem with the site itself, such as accessibility or web compatibility, open a new issue and we will try to fix it!

Pull requests

You can also take on issues and help us improve the site.

Pull request titles should start with the issue number being addressed, followed by the change that was made. For example, fix #32, add a footer.

If changes in the upstream master branch cause your PR to have conflicts, you should rebase your branch to master and force-push it to your repo (rather than doing a merge commit).

Code style

The repo contains a prettier and stylelint configuration. Code style is checked via CI. To prevent unnecessary red builds you should check locally before committing via npm run lint.

This website is intended as a content website. While it is a landing page for the Committee responsible for developing the language, our goal here is not to showcase what JavaScript can do, but to present an accessible interface to orient people looking for resources. In order to achieve this, the website intentionally uses as little JavaScript as possible.

Local development

Building the website requires Docker. This gives you a dev environment with Ruby, Bundler, and all other project dependencies already installed.

After installing Docker and cloning this repo, you can build and serve the website as follows.

cd tc39-web-draft
make install      # install the site's Docker image
make build        # run Jekyll and rebuild site folder
make serve        # run Jekyll, serve site on localhost:8000, and watch for local changes


We use IRC to communicate. The channel we use is #tc39-website on freenode. You can find connection instructions here.

Monthly planning call

The monthly planning call is currently cancelled, as all of our work is taking place asynchronously. In case we want to start the calls again:

We have planning meetings every month, on the last Tuesday at 10:00 AM CEST. If you would like to join, come say hi at the IRC channel! The meeting is held on Google Hangouts here.

Site Deployment

We use github actions to deploy the website to the branch gh-pages. If there are any issues with the deployment, please ping @codehag and she will fix it.


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