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This is a repository where I list my old projects.
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My Portfolio

This is a repository where I list old projects I worked on. I found convenient to use a repository for this purpose as I wanted to keep my personal landing page as light as possible.

Disclaimer : Although it's a personal listing, some projects were developed with other persons (developers, designers...).

Table of contents

Junior-Enterprise SEPEFREI


2017-2019 - Symfony 4, React Native, AngularJS, Cordova, WordPress, Docker

I joined the Efrei Paris' Junior-Enterprise in 2017 as a developer. I've worked on multiple projects for external customers. During these projects, I've learnt how to build cross-platform mobile applications using frameworks like React-Native and Cordova.


PulseHeberg 2014-2018 - Symfony 3, AngularJS, System administration, Networking

I helped to create a centralized management interface for the hosting provider This interface enables customers to manage their services (web hosting, emails, VPN) in a central place. The web hosting solution was fully developped by our team : from the development of the API to the underlying infrastructure.



2016,2018 - Symfony 3, Docker

I've participated, in 2016 and 2018, in the organization of the Integration Weekend, which gathers around 800 persons every year. In order to get rid of paper applications, I've created a website to handle all registrations for this event (ie: collect personal and security related informations).

Other freelance and personal projects

Following projects are some (very) old projects I've made. Most of them are related to gaming teams and servers. /


2014 - Symfony 2, WordPress


2014 - Symfony 2


2014 - Symfony 2

NG Volley Ball


2014 - Symfony 2

LS Police Department


2013 - Symfony 2

Universal Multigaming


2012 - Symfony 2

Strictly Community / Strictly Roleplay

strictlyroleplay strictlycommunity

2012 - PHP

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