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Sharing code to reproduce an issue with Kubernetes
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Sharing code to reproduce an issue with Kubernetes


To install the following code you'll need

  • A kubernetes cluster.
  • kubectl.

Install steps to reproduce the issue

Deploying with skaffold

If you have skaffold installed.

$ skaffold run
# or
$ skaffold dev

Deploying with kubectl

$ kubectl apply -f kube

⚠️ Important note ⚠️

Some of the clients pod must be scheduled on a different node (it can be just one different node) to reproduce the issue.

We identified that when everything was scheduled on only one node the problem was harder to reproduce.

Identifying the issue

Check on Stackdriver logging the log from the server and client. on the search bar you can set text:'reset by peer' and you'll see the following errors:

# Error reported by the server
E  [info] 11#11: *21885 client closed keepalive connection (104: Connection reset by peer)
# Error reported by the client
E  curl: (56) Recv failure: Connection reset by peer

Both line should follow each other. If the client and the server are not reporting at the same time a Connection reset by peer you can ignore the event as it might be something else.


If the clients seem stuck feel free to restart the pods like the following kubectl delete pod -l app=client


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