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R wrapper for Zendesk API
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zendeskR - R wrapper to the Zendesk API

For more information on the Zendesk API see:

Current API calls supported

getAllUsers()                      - return all users in your Zendesk organization
getAllTickets()                    - return all tickets (admin only)
getTicketsForOrganization(orgID)   - return all tickets for the given organization ID
getTicket(               - return information for the given ticket ID
getTicketAudits(         - return all audits for the given ticket ID
getAllOrganizations()              - return all organizations registered in your Zendesk organization
getAllTicketMetrics()              - return all ticket metrics in your Zendesk organization
getAllSatisfactionRatings()        - return all satisfaction ratings in your Zendesk organization

This package is a work in progress. It started out as a useful utility for myself. I will be adding more functionality and API calls over time. If there is a particular function you would like to see added, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Last Update: 12-28-2012


To install from CRAN, type in an R console:

> install.packages("zendeskR")

To install this package from the source code available here, download it, and set your R working directory to wherever you saved the file. Then run:

> install.packages("zendeskR_0.3.tar.gz", repos=NULL, type="source")

Example Usage

## Initiate a Zendesk API session
zendesk("username", "password", "") ## Your Zendesk credentials and organization URL
users <- getAllUsers()


Tanya Cashorali

  • email:
  • twitter: tanyacash21
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