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This is a javascript UI for bitcoind. You can either use the RPC interface at localhost
or use the included to access your wallet over the internet.

Setting up

1. Create server .cert and .pem

openssl req -new -newkey rsa:1024 -days 365 -nodes -x509 -keyout server.pem -out server.cert

You don't have to worry about your keyfile being in the same directory as js-remote. will only serve files ending in .html, .css, .js, .json, .png, .jpeg, or .jpg

2. Start

python will listen on port 8338 by default. Remember to use https:// instead of http://
Try it by opening https://localhost:8338/ in your browser.

If your bitcoind isn't running on the same machine will run on, you can
change the RPC URL with the -r parameter:

python -r