Tiny collection of programs used for ECDSA (keygen, sign, verify)
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mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..

Binary will be in build/src.



The secret is written to stdout.

% ecdsautil generate-key > secret
% cat secret


The secret should be supplied on stdin. The public key will be written to stdout.

% ecdsautil show-key < secret


If you have followed the previous examples you should have a file called secret containing the private key. Using a secret you can sign a file like this:

% ecdsautil sign somefile < secret


ecdsautil verify is quite powerful utility for verification of signatures. You can verify a simple signature like this:

% ecdsautil verify -s da967...802 -p 1f63ef7450760af9062ff697995eb536eef25a555822087fa4cfd9a82d9faa79 somefile
% echo $?

Usually, there is no output except the return code. A return code of 0 denotes a correct signature. If the signature is invalid, 1 is returned.

n-of-m verification

Multiple signatures and public keys may be supplied to facilitate n-of-m verifications:

% ecdsautil verify -s signature1 -s signature2 ... -p pubkey1 -p pubkey2 ... somefile

In this mode it is checked whether any supplied public key can be used to verify any supplied signature. This can be used in cases where multiple parties (each with their own private key) are allowed to sign a file. This is called 1-of-m verification.

This can further be expanded into n-of-m verification using the -n switch:

% ecdsautil verify -s sig1 -s sig2 -s sig3 -p pub1 -p pub2 -p pub3 -p pub4 -n 2

In this case at least two pairs of public key and signature must match.

Signature Format

concat $ map tohexstring [r, s]


ecdsautil can easily be embedded into other applications. A pkg-config file called ecdsautil.pc is provided for easy compiling and linking against libecdsautil.

For API documentation see the public header file <ecdsautil/ecdsa.h> (and <ecdsautil/sha256.h> for the included SHA256 implementation). If you have installed Doxygen, make doxygen can be used to generated HTML documentation of libecdsautil.

libecdsautil does not provide functions for the generate-key and show-key commands, as these are already provided by libuecc (see ecc_25519_gf_sanitize_secret and ecc_25519_scalarmult_base).

Release precedure

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  • create debian package
  • update AUR package