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TCC Website built with Jekyll

Build Status

Quick Reference

Deploy in /


Jekyll Build in /tcc/

jekyll build

Jekyll Serve in /tcc/ (`/tcc/_config.yml needs to be have prefix as dev)

jekyll serve 

Grunt Production build

grunt build

Grunt Dev Watch

grunt watch


After you are satisfied with your site you can run an automated deploy process that will run scp and create a symbolic link to the new deploy. Command ran in root of repo /


Content Management

For content manage see the Jekyll Documentation


Posts live in tcc/_posts. The Naming convention of the files must be kept: YYYY-MM-DD-POSTTITLE.markdown

All posts can be viewed by going to the /blog/ directory.

####Flags Flags can now be added to posts. Add home to display this post on the home page, add featured to display it in the sidebar in the featured section, add nav to display it in the navigation bar.

layout: post
title:  "Custom Post Name"
date:  Date String (ex 2015-09-28 21:12:52)
categories: spaced delimited categories  (ex collaborative chemistry)
categories: collaborative chemistry
- home
- featured
- nav
<Any Valid Markdown can go here>...


News lives in tcc/_news. The Naming convention of the files must be kept: YYYY-MM-DD-NEWSTITLE.markdown

layout: post
title:  "Custom News Title"
date:  Date String (ex 2015-09-28 21:12:52)
categories: spaced delimited categories  (ex collaborative chemistry)
link: mwtcc (Link to that directory)
external_link: false (If it's an external page true)
<Any Valid Markdown can go here>...


Groups live in tcc/_groups. Naming convention isn't important.

layout: group
title:  "John Doe"
image:   "images/Lambrecht.png" (Must be local)
categories: groups professor
short_bio: "reduced-scaling approaches and functional materials" (Areas of Research)
link: "" (External Link)
<Any Valid Markdown can go here>...


Images can be stored in the tcc/images directory. When linking to local assets you must put {{site.prefix}} before the link. This will add /~tcp/ if on the tcp server or / if in local development. You must define this in the tcc/_config.ym file. Example local link: <img src="{{site.prefix}}images/test-image" alt='image alt'>

Styles and formats are done via Grunt and use Sass.


Download Jekyll

Once you make changes to any files you must run jeykll build in the tcc directory to compile everything and add it all to the tcc/_site directory. Important: Do not make any changes in the tcc/_site/ directory!! These files are deleted and recreated when you build the project. The tcc/_site directory is the only directory that gets upload to the server once you build the site.

Additional Notes

Jekyll serve in the tcc directory



  • Ruby + Jekyll
  • Node and NPM
  • Bower
  • Grunt


  1. git clone
  2. npm install
  3. bower install
  4. grunt watch
  5. cd tcc && jekyll build

To install the grunt modules run npm install (assuming node is installed on your local machine). See package.json to see what will be installed. Additionally vendors must be installed with bower package manager bower install.

Build & Watch

To build any changes to the assets directory grunt should be used. While developing browser sync automatically injects new compiled css and js.